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Lauren Fenato

113 York Street, Kingston, Ontario, K7K 1P9| 1 (613)-484-2172|

Professional Profile
A committed educator who demonstrates a passion for exploring the diverse settings and opportunities teaching
provides as a profession. Driven by a desire to create a safe, inclusive and critically minded classroom that
accommodates for a variety of learners. Praised as an educator whose diverse interests engage students within and
beyond the classroom; whose excellent communication and meticulous organization skills enable her to be a
positive, collaborative contributor to team dynamics.

Bachelor of Education
Spring 2016

Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
 Intermediate Senior Division specialization in History and Geography.
 5-year Concurrent Education Program
 Focus in implementing Educational Technology

Bachelor of Arts
(Honours with Distinction)
April 2015

Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
 Major in History
 Dean’s Honour List for Academic Achievement, Queen’s Excellence
Scholarship, Vale Scholarship.

International Baccalaureate
Total: 34/45 points
April, 2011

Jakarta International School (JIS), Jakarta, Indonesia
 Higher Levels: History, Geography, English; Standards: French, Biology and
Mathematical Studies.
 Academic Honour Roll, IASAS Scholar, Geography and History Scholar.

Teaching Experience
History and Geography
Teacher Candidate
(Grade 9, 10, and 11)
Fall 2015, Winter 2016
(10 weeks)

La Salle Secondary School – Kingston, Ontario

Senior Instructor
Computer Sciences:
Summer Camp
(Age 6-15)
April 2012- August 2015

Mini University at Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba

During the fall semester at La Salle, I took primary responsibility for planning and
delivering two units for Grade 10 academic Canadian history classes (CHC2D), as well as
assisting in the Grade 11 world history course (CHW3M) for 5 weeks. Upon returning in
the winter, I am planning for Grade 9 Issues in Canadian Geography (CGC 1D/1P). My
responsibilities for this included:
 Independently creating lessons with diagnostic, formative and summative
assessment progression.
 Conducting individual and group based activities using the universal design for
learning approach and accommodation for exceptional learners needs.
 Communicating progress and expectations to parents and students.

Working at Mini University, I had my first exposure to independent teaching and
developing my own classroom environment. My responsibilities included:
 Designing and leading a course development team for the elementary and senior
computer science programs.

Delivering courses such as Game Design, Computer Animation, and Minecraft
Build, Nation, and Survival to classes of 30 students who cycled every week for
12 weeks.
Focused on fostering a caring and cooperative space where students could engage
in collaborative inquiry based activities with technology.
Reviewed and evaluated the classes daily to effectively adapt activities and
content to the needs of the students.

Grade 7 and 8 General
Teacher Candidate
Winter 2014
(3 weeks)

Lakeshore Private School, Kingston, Ontario

Mathematics and
Teacher Candidate
(Grade 8 and 9)
Spring 2013
(3 weeks)

Fraser Lake Elementary and Secondary School (FLESS), Fraser Lake, BC,

Working at Lakeshore, I was exposed to the enriched academic programming which
employed holistic student driven inquiry based learning across Pre-K to Grade 8.
During my time here, I assisted in the Grade 7 and 8 where my responsibilities were:
 Monitored and advised on the progress made on their Heritage Fair projects
and displays for the city wide fair.
 Monitoring recess and assisting with organized outdoor physical education
 Planning and administering daily news and views discussions to engage
students in global, national and community events to encourage oral skill
development as part of the schools improvement plan goals.

Set in a remote northern community, FLESS provided the opportunity to expand my
teaching towards working with at risk youth and exceptional learners in a modified
grade 9 mathematics class as well as a Grade 8 Social Studies course. My
responsibilities included:
 Co-creating lesson plans and resources for each student in accordance with
the goals and suggestions in their respective IEPs.
 Worked closely with councillors to assist in promotion of resources in the
school’s anti-suicide campaign.

Participated in the breakfast program 3 times a week as well as assisted
coaching with the volleyball team.

Related Experience:
Course Developer and
Professional Development
Spring 2016

Mini University at Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba

Examination Proctor
Winter, 2016

For my alternative practicum I will be working closely with the universities
education administration to develop resources for a local professional
development session in April.
Reviewing previous materials used by the department and program to update
them or adapt them to be used during the summer period.
Improve understanding of educational technology proficiency.

Queen’s University Exams Office: Kingston, Ontario

Oversaw the administration of numerous exams and the maintenance of academic
integrity through supervision during the examination process.
Worked collaboratively with rotating teams to coordinate scheduling and positions

Conference Presenter
Winter, 2016

S.T.E.M Conference, Ottawa, Ontario

Director and Chair of

Partnered with Actua to develop resources for creating virtual learning zones using
Minecraft and Construct 2 to engage students in STEM subjects (Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
Planned and delivered the presentation to educators conveying strategies and
resources used at Mini University’s innovative computer technology and robotics
Fielded questions and concerns from educational peers primarily regarding
optimization and classroom management methodology as a multimodal medium.

Model United Nations Conferences, Kingston, Ontario

Planed and facilitated a conference which aimed to engage students in discussion of
contemporary politics in an action, reaction style debate.
Interviewed and coordinated a team of 20 researchers.
Oversaw logistics, payments and registration of over 70 individuals.
Coordinated and assisted in booking important speakers such as the former
Ambassador to Afghanistan and Edward Snowden.

Professional Development:
Workshops and

Metal Health Module #1 and #2
Technology in the Classroom Workshop
Building Futures Ministry of Education Workshop
Examination Administration Information
STEM and ACTUA Conference on Engagement
Improving Literacy Skill Development in High Schools

Workshops and

ADHD and ADD Resources for the Classroom
Equity and Positive Classroom Spaces
WHMIS Training
Sun Safety from Canadian Cancer Society
Classroom Management Methods


Integrated Formative Assessments
Backward Design Methodology


St. John Ambulance CRR – C Training
S.C.U.B.A license

Extra-Curricular Involvements

Core Member of Queen’s International Affairs Association, Model United Nations, Youth
Outreach project, History Classroom Representative, Intramural Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee
member, Crisis Simulation Director, examination proctor.

High School

Chair of Model United Nations travelling team, Primary Speaker in Extemporaneous Speaking
event, Captain of the Volleyball B squad, Habitat for Humanity member, Helping Hands member,
Assistant Director of Productions for High School and Elementary plays, Grade 4 Mentor,
Commencement speaker for class of 2011.

Other Interests:

Travel, Scuba diving, Archaeology digs, Museums, Reading, Singing, Playing computer games.

Dinah Jansen:
Queen’s University Adjunct Professor in History
Ivah Gallagher
Program director at Mini University
Laura McDowell
La Salle Secondary School Teacher (Host Teacher)
613 4535169