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-Creative Responses ReflectionThis reflection will reflect on three of the chosen creative responses.

It will comment on the
general qualities and values of the creative response and it will also signify the reason I have
chosen to display them on my process journal.
Reflection 1 (Evidence 1)
This creative response which is a memoir about Elie Wiesel’s experience arriving at Auschwitz is
a successful attempt to simulate his writing style from my point of comprehension. I built
empathy with the life of Elie Wiesel and tried to understand his experience of arriving into hell
on heart as it can be phrased. The memoir that I wrote makes reference to some events that have
occurred earlier on in the book. I have done this to forward my adequate comprehension of the
story. Besides this, I add a feeling of sorrow and regret as I point out that if my family would’ve
listened to the advice of Moishe the Beadle then our fortune would be a whole lot different.
Concerning the qualities of this memoir, it can be said that the overall read of it evokes the reader
of Elie Wiesel’s style. The memoir is also descriptive with it’s structure as it can be specifically
be observed in the third and fourth paragraphs. On behalf of that, the memoir would be a great
alternative to Elie Wiesel’s memoir since it revolves around the same events. For instance, a
student not knowledgeable about the atmosphere of Auschwitz during the holocaust would be
able to visualize the happenings after encountering this memoir. In contrast, it is also crucial to
evaluate the improvements that can be considered for the next time. The memoir can also give an
insight of what happens after the arrival as the reader’s attention is cut with the memoir ending
on a note without mentioning what happens next. In addition, the memoir could be more graphic
with its descriptive content. Finally, I chose to display this creative response on my process
journal because it was my way of connecting with Elie Wiesel’s experience.
Reflection 2 (Evidence 2)
This creative response are the words of a Turkish women protestors who is arrested by the police
during the 2013 riots in Istanbul. This creative response was written in correspondence to our
visit of the photojournalism exhibition. The photograph is also taken from the exhibition and I
chose it because I feel a distant connection to the feelings of the women as I’m also Turkish. The
main reason on why I chose to display this creative response on my process journal is because I
wanted to have content outside of the Holocaust. This is an accurate way to create contrast
between the different evidences on my process journal. Concerning the qualities of this creative
response, it can be stated that the description of the women’s experience sounds very much live
and the reader can picture the images in their mind. The creative response is also giving an
insight of the aftermath of a mass protest in a country with an authoritarian government. This is
an important quality as all the other works are more focused on war situations. The text is
successful enough with it’s choice of words and the photograph cooperate with the text to create
a touching piece of creative response. To improve this creative response, the format and layout
could be enhanced. For instance, if the text and picture were to be structured into a newspaper
layout it would be more eye-catching and more people would end up reading it.

Reflection 3 (Evidence 6)
This creative response is basically part of my extensive knowledge about conflict forwarded into
words. The creative response evaluates what the IDU has so far thought me about conflict and I
make mentioning of my own opinions about conflict at necessary stages. The creative response is
very resourceful as I backup my thinking with a variety of examples. In terms of linguistic skills
and the use of styles, the text remains very formal and is authored in an understandable manner. I
chose to display this creative response on my process journal because it is a great representation
of my personal knowledge about conflict and it also displays my enthusiasms about this unit
while it also states what concerns me about the future of humanity. Compared to the other
creative responses this one has a more individual approach as it is a way of me reflecting on my
learnings. On behalf of that, this text could be less fun to read as it involves less creativity and
has a very formal manner. To improve for the next time, I could structure the text into shorter
paragraphs and play around a little more with the format as it looks ‘pale’ in a way.