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Sunday, January 10, 2016
The line graph below shows the occupancy rates in caravan parks
and hotels in the period Jun '08 - Sep '09. Summarize the
information by choosing and identifying the main features and
make comparisons where relevant.

The bar chart below demonstrates the percentage of occupied area by caravan park
and hotels over 15 months (from June 08 to September 09).
Overall, it is clear that the number of hotels’ room occupancy is generally lower
than the percentage of caravan parks’ seizure.
In detail, Hotels occupation of rooms peaked to half (50 per cent) on March 09. On
the other hand, it deeped to 40 per cent on June 09, similarly on the same date of
the prior year’s number (on June 08 was 40%). Likewise, Hotels’ occupation area
was steadily rising from June 08 to March 09.
In contrast, the number of seized site by caravan parks is sufficiently higher than
hotels. So, on September 09 this number increased to approximately 60 per cent
.But the number of captured site by caravan parks decreased to 52per cent on June
09.The amount of occupancy decrased and increased month-by-month .

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