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Kuehn 1

Landry Kuehn
Mr. King
English I
17 December 2015
Argumentative Essay
Even when laws make people equal, some still seem to be above others. Racial and
religious inequality affects those that are considered inferior in society. They don’t have as many
amenities as others, and this is because there are social classes. The higher levels of people need
someone to blame for issues and complications, so they use the weaker ones. All around the
world, people are being treated unfairly for the religion that they practice and the faith that they
have, but also for things that they cannot decide, like their race.
Racial Inequality is when there is an imbalance between races, and certain groups are
segregated and victimized. Today, the University of Missouri is failing to make their students
feel safe and equal because of all of the substantial racism (ABC News). Also, the black and
white male employment ratios show that white males are 45% more employed than black males
(Sage Journals). Many people have tried to stand up against racism, but they had to make
sacrifices. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout was bullied because her dad was defending a black
man in court, and her town had considered a black man always guilty (Harper Lee). Her father
tried to explain why this happened by saying, “It’s just one of those terms that doesn’t mean
anything, and ignorant, trashy people use it when they think that somebody is favoring Negroes.”
Inequality is very critical for people of color, but it also exists for people that are very open about
their faith.

Kuehn 2
Everybody has their own beliefs, but some religions are treated unethically and are
blamed for many issues. Leaders have started to accuse particular religions for terrorist attacks
and threats to ensure the public that they know who is behind the attacks, but those religions
have to suffer from being labelled. Donald Trump wants to get rid of all Muslims in the United
States because he feels that they are a threat just because they are commonly stereotyped as
terrorists (ABC News). Russia has been faulted for permitting religious inequality, and they
rejected a list of allegations that the United States sent them, stating that the inequality was not
right (Interfax). Calpurnia had to talk a certain way in order to be accepted in her church, and the
people of the same religion believed that nobody should leave the church until they pay money to
them (Harper Lee). Calpurnia tried to rationalize this by saying, “Now what if I talked whitefolk’s talk at church, and with my neighbors? They’d think I was puttin’ on airs to beat Moses”
(Harper Lee).
Inequality is a huge problem worldwide because it affects many people’s lives. People
that have been affected by inequality have had many extravagances taken away from them
because, those of higher classes take from them to gain power. Both racial and religious
inequality has caused many deaths to people because of the amount of hatred that people have
for these groups of people. This judgment and mistreatment towards people is ignored by many,
but it still is giving people misery.