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Published by: Alfonso Robinson on Apr 06, 2010
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20 Q Now, in your position as secretary of state,

21 do you have a position as to whether the public has a

22 right to review these transcripts of Susan Bysiewicz's

23 testimony?

24 A Right now I am here in my role as a

25 plaintiff.

Brandon Smith Reporting


1 Q You're also the secretary of state today,

2 aren't you?

3 A Yes, I am.

4 Q And you've told us all about what you do as

5 secretary of state for a few days here, correct?

6 A Yes.

7 Q Okay. And you haven't resigned from your

8 position in order to run for secretary of state -- in

9 order to run for attorney general, correct?

10 A No.

11 Q So as you sit here today, in your capacity as

12 secretary of state, does the secretary of state believe

13 that the public has a right to see the transcripts of

14 Susan Bysiewicz, the plaintiff in this case?

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