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January, 2016

Grade 2 ETFI Homework Assignment: Invent a New Holiday

Over the last month, the students have been learning about the many customs and
traditions associated with holidays such as Diwali, Ramadan, Eid, Hanukkah, Christmas and
Kwanzaa. As a culminating activity, each student will be given an opportunity to create and
present a new holiday to the class.
Students are encouraged to use the attached planning sheets to organize their ideas.
Students may choose to prepare and present their project as a poster, booklet, pamphlet,
slideshow or other appropriate format. Students are encouraged to include artwork and
visuals (drawings or pictures) to complement their writing.
After some initial brainstorming of ideas in class, students are expected to complete the
project at home. Finished projects should be returned to school on or before Monday,
January 25.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Daniel Holmes
Grade 2 ETFI
Barrhaven P.S.

Name of Holiday: _____________________________________________

Celebration Date: _____________________________________________

1. Decorations, Colours and Symbols

Many holidays have specific colours and symbols associated with them. For
example, the colour red and the maple leaf are symbolic on Canada Day. At
Christmas, some homes are decorated with trees, stockings and coloured lights.
Write 2-3 sentences describing the decorations, colours and symbols for your holiday:

Choose one decoration, colour or symbol and describe why it is an important part of your

2. Food
Sharing and enjoying food is a special part of many holidays. Turkey dinners at
Thanksgiving, potato latkes at Hanukkah and pancakes on Shrove Tuesday are just
a few examples.
Write 2-3 sentences describing some of the foods associated with your holiday:

3. Greeting
Phrases such as Trick-or-treat and April Fools! are associated with specific
Create a greeting that people can say on your holiday:

4. Activities, Customs and Traditions

Holidays are often defined by the many unique activities, customs and traditions
that are associated with them (e.g. Easter egg hunts, trick-or-treating, lighting a

Write 2-3 sentences describing some of the activities, customs and traditions associated
with your holiday:

Choose one activity, custom or tradition and describe why it is an important part of your

5. Persuasive Paragraph
Canadas new Prime Minister is thinking of introducing a new holiday. Write a short
paragraph (4-5 sentences) describing why your holiday should be celebrated.
Include at least 3 different reasons/arguments why your holiday should be chosen.
I think Canada should celebrate




These are the reasons we should celebrate