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Hunter Goranson
Mrs. Gelwicks
Intro Into Communications
Persuasive Speech
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately
five kids die each year in the safest way to travel to school, which is the bus. Having
seat-belts can change the difference between life and death. You should sign a petition
for buses to have seat-belts because it has happened it to us before, will protect the
passengers, and petitions work.
One reason you should sign a petition to wear seat belts on a bus is because
West rDelaware students have been affected by two crashes within the last six years.
The first crash happened in 2009; according to Radio Iowa, that included 25 students
plus the bus driver. No passengers on the bus were fatally injured; however, two adults
in the pickup truck were killed and one adult was airlifted. The second bus crash
happened a couple of weeks ago, and I had the experience of being in the crash.
The second reason why a petition should be signed is because seat belts lower
the risk of injury. One of the main reasons why schools do not add seat-belts on the bus
is because it costs too much money for each bus. If it were me Id rather pay for the
costs of the seat-belts than possibly losing a life on a bus. IMMI did a study, and it
shows that having a seat-belt on a bus can reduce injuries by 50%. Cars have seat-

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belts, why dont buses have them? If it can reduce the injuries by so much, it will just
make the safest way of traveling to school even safer.
The last reason you should sign a petition is because petitions do work. They can
get the attention of those in charge. It shows the opinion of what people think, which is
good because if a lot of people want it to happen, the probability of it actually happening
increases by a lot. Petitions can do a lot in proving a point, but it also needs a lot more
work than just a petition.
In addition, you should sign a petition for seat-belts to be put on buses because
of those reasons. Just because it costs a lot of money to put seat belts on a bus doesnt
mean they shouldnt be added. Especially if it has the chance in choosing life from
death. Six other states have seat-belts required on the bus. All Im asking is if you could
sign a petition if you agree, and save some lives.

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