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The relevance of studying law for my future career

Law is a subject where a person can develop a range of skills and explore many aspects
of human life. Studying law as an undergraduate gives you the chance to sharpen your mind,
strengthen your understanding and deepen your experience across the full range of humanities
and social sciences. Law is not just about learning what the rules are, but about thinking about
what they should be. Law should appeal to those who want to develop both abstract thinking and
practical problem-solving.
Firstly, there is a wide range of skills that studying law will develop in a student:
research skills using a range of sources, including verbal questioning; evaluation skills and the
ability to interpret and explain complex information clearly; analytical skills; reasoning and
critical judgment skills; the ability to formulate sound arguments; lateral thinking and problemsolving skills; the ability to write concisely; confident and persuasive oral communication skills,
last, but not least, the attention to detail and the ability to draft formal documents with precision.
Secondly, law is a subject valued by firms across all sectors of the economy and the
graduates of law do especially well in almost all sectors, so we can refer to a high degree of
employability. I think that if I want to change my career, a degree in law will ensure my a wider
range of chances in getting a well paid job.
The last reason is that a law degree is a very highly regarded and respected qualification.
The subject matter covers an essential part of everyday life and it will provide a great stimulus
for those who are keen to know more about the legal framework in which we all live.
Whatever the reason for studying law most of the students do it to improve the
knowledge in the field, to change career or to become a lawyer. I started studying law because I
want to be able to protect my familys rights, my own rights, to be a good law adviser in my
husbands firm, and, maybe, if I will be good, I will change career.