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Homework problem 185 Page loft Homework problem 18.5 185 Consiser tree denial meta spheres, A, 8, andC. Sphere A cares a charge of 59, Spore B cars a charge of-q, phere C carries no net charge. Spheres A and B are touched together then separated. Sphere Cis ‘hen touched to sphere A and separated ffm Last, sphere Cis touchedto sphoro 8 and soparated rom ‘8. How much charge ends up on sphere C? ‘Whats the total charge on the thee spheres 5. ee hay are alowed ouch each ther and 2 meres © - Qo % © 8% % ; a teplice | totad chorge (49) url Aotirvts gyal E5 ie loath A €R) BD) 24 ® 73% ox TJoueh A Xe TolH charge re by ne on ach Aaetfulis eye o 5 @ 'b O74 © 3 Fock BC Tel © Cetus we cet ® ' @ vs 5 Th, We? Clue se oy g 7 Chase Cmaned Hoenn pbs 18.19, Page of Homework problem 18.19 18.9 inthe recangin he dawing, a charge is tobe paced at hee omerto make te hot free onthe tgesicomerApomenmevercie” *¢SC 4d 6 ‘recto 7 ‘What charg (magnitude and algebraic sign) must be placed athe bit algebraic sig Pl 1300 suc $= far bg BES ee ie _———y 6 4a 6 Saat Eee Th. Arce dve a Te mows Y olivecty im, Th Puree at Adve to fs Pee we wut be plecra ot By Wot Horeaste oh Veeticek ~ Alveclin , Bh NezaToo charge o 7 couuta, th afer gf 63 oe oe és Fue Uh? g = B.2Iac vie Homework problem 18.23 Homework problem 18.23 18.23 A small spherical insulator of mass 8,00x10'2kg and charge 40.600 uC is hung by athin wire of negligble mass. A charge of-0.900 UC ished 0,150, angle © wit the verse (00 drawing). Find 2. ne ange oana B. the tension inthe wire Zr, + Tose mg =0 Se- F-Tsee=0 Tsuer~ F Tomo ~ "G -) (EE e+ [a (w ie apes & 4X10 ben * OG ; ate He be apr BETH WD %¢ (0.13) _ bbeod O27 Om vist (0.8)~ 7 bss Zotig | Page of | Homework problem 1839 Page Loft Homework problem 18.39 18.39. A rectangle has along of 2a and a height of Each ofthe flowing thee charges I located a a comer of be rectangle: 4; (upper let comer), a lower right comer) and qa he lower lt comer. The net elect ld at he empty upper raht comer is zero. Find the magnitudes of ¢, and gy. Express your answer in terms of @. Fietd due% 8, 6 = 4 " = jee (2d°) a“, Frela due th Bo i “) Pe fone D +sw0 8 Sp 2 lL zd . & Sm o> fre Fe cone: Yeam VF eas — thy x-omponeut \ Homework problem 1851 Page Loft Homework problem 18.51 18.51 A cubes located with one comer at the origin of an x,y,z coordinate system. One ofthe cubes aces Bee inthe x,y plane, the therin trey, z plane, and anclner in the «plane nother words the case te st ‘Sctant af the coordinate system, The edges of he cube are 0.20 m long. A uniform elec fil ie parallel othe x. 1 plane and points nthe ditection ofthe ay as. The magnitude of the fields 1500 NIC. 12. Find the lactic ux through tho six faces of the cube. 3. Add the six values obtained in part (a) o show thatthe electric ux though the cubical sutaces 260, a8 Gauss’ aw predits, since there is ro net charge win the cube. TY Llix Plows Throosy Th Suv Faeceo per pondiculac % thie yaxis side ux Onea « Prelet Dra ee ae= = do¢ Flow \w% th cvbe ( HY of come (5102) Je Ty the coke = ) Folao Fly ut Flov ot qu Ploy out of The cule <0 flux ae ta cde 0 esi hve Ona Viog- ate