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Class '10

Class '10


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Published by Milan Jokic
For all my friends and the people i'll love forever.
For all my friends and the people i'll love forever.

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Published by: Milan Jokic on Apr 07, 2010
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We've worn all our toys to the bone. And the playground that's held us is suddenly too small.

Our heads are as big as the world that we've known. Hold your breath now, open the door. It's the It's the It's the You know deafening stomp of our hearts. cages we've been in that tore us to parts. breath of freedom that has shown us the way. you'll be a hero someday.

There's nothing a tear couldn't tell. Now run to the dream, tell me you will. We've loved each other, I'll miss you as well. Now run to the end, please tell me you will.

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