Oleh: Mansur Ga¶ga, S.Pd., M.A.

Mimesis is the noun word that come from mimic that have close meaning with, reflection, representation, counterfeiting, feigning, copy, or image. € In literary theory, the concept of mimesis are: literary is imitative representation of the real world in art and literature. Therefore, literary is the deliberate imitation of the behaviour of one group of people by another using literaru as medium.

The Concept of the Mimesis Theory
Literary Works ³Dadaisme´

Method in Analyzing
Determine any concept to explain a social phenomenon. € Using the concept to explain the phenomenon of social condition in the fiction world. € Collect any fact that relevace with phenomenon in literary. € Wire a report and representing the explanation of the data.

Report Model
Bab I Pendahuluan 1.1 Latar Belakang 1.2 Rumusan Masalah 1.3 Tujuan 1.4 Landasan Teori

Bab II Pembahasan 2.1 « Bab III Penutup 3.1 Simpulan 3.2 Saran

Daftar Pustaka
Abrams, M.H. 1953. The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition. USA: Oxford University Press. Daftar Laman www.kompas.com.id (dinunduh 10:00, 26/3/10)

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