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Interim Lesson Plan

Instructor: Ms. Carissa Jenkins
(Brief Statement)


Soft Lacrosse: Small Sided Games- soft lacrosse is a noncontact, co-ed, physical education class version of the game of
lacrosse which draws rules from mens lacrosse, womens lacrosse
and intercrosse.
[Use teachers guide or district documents for guidance, plus information at]

Common Core
or Illinois

19.A.3a Demonstrate control when performing combinations

and sequences of locomotor, non- locomotor, and
manipulative motor patterns in selected activities, games, and
19.B.3a Compare and contrast efficient and inefficient
movement patterns.
20.A.3b Identify and participate in activities associated with
the components of health- related and skill- related fitness.

[Use performance verbs to identify what the learner will be able to do/use as a result of the lesson.]


Psychomotor- The students will be able to complete 3 passes

with their teammates during small sided games.
Cognitive-The students will be able to explain the benefits of
passing during game play.
Affective-The students will be sensitive to the differences in physical
ability levels of other students.


[List teacher manual pages, student text pages, worksheets, websites, teaching materials, technology,

12 Cones, pinnies, lacrosse sticks, tennis balls (at least 3)

[List specific things you must do to prepare (e.g., reminders to students, listing steps on the board,
distributing materials etc.).]


Assessment and
of Student


Divide soccer field into 3 equal fields (hamburger)

Place cones to mark the center fields boundaries
Place cones to mark the end zones

Formative (during the lesson):

Specific Feedback
Summative (later point in time - after the lesson or group of
End of the lesson discussion
End of the unit quiz

specific statements, procedures or demonstrations you do to focus student attention, activate

prior knowledge and clearly state lesson objective.]


Students change- tell them we are going outside and to dress

Take attendance- 1st period on power school and submit
Fitness Warm Up
Agenda, Objectives, Explanation of activities, Teams for
Allow 5 minutes at the end of class for students to get inside
and change

[List sequence of instruction including relevant vocabulary.]

1. Fitness Warm Up (5 minutes)

a. 10 Burpees, 10 Side Lunges
b. Quad Stretch, Hamstring stretch, Calf Stretch, Butterfly
c. 14 Push-ups, 2-30 second planks
2. Agenda for the day/Explanation of Activities (Gym, 5 minutes)
a. Fitness Warm Up
b. Beginning Lesson Discussion
i. Lacrosse Study Guide- On the Calendar now, quiz
next week
ii. Lacrosse skill review
iii. Lesson Objectives
c. Skill Review drills/Skill assessment (optional)
d. Small Sided Games
e. End of lesson Discussion
3. Lacrosse skill review (Gym, 5 minutes)
a. Ask students the sequence of movements for the
lacrosse skills of- receiving the ball, passing the ball,
cradling the ball, scooping the ball
4. OPTIONAL: Skill Review drills/Skill Assessment (Outside, soccer
field- 10 minutes)
a. Students jog 1 lap around the soccer field cradling the
b. Partner passing
i. 1 student on the sideline of the soccer field, the
other 10 feet in front
ii. First practice tossing and catching then scooping
5. Small Sided Games (Outside- Soccer field, 30 minutes)
a. Divide students up into 6 teams, about 4-5 students per
i. Pre-made teams
b. Rules
i. Face off- first player to cover the ball gains
ii. Teams must complete 2 consecutive passes before
trying to score in the end zone.
iii. To score the player must catch/gain possession of
the ball in the end zone; they CANNOT run the ball

iv. Players cannot hold on to the ball for longer than 5

seconds, they must pass or get rid of it; if they do
not, ball is awarded to the other team.
v. On a loose ball, the first player to cover the ball
with his stick get to keep possession. Other team
must back up at least 1 big step to allow room for
player to put the ball in play.
vi. If a ball goes out of bounds, possession goes to
the other team.
vii. When a goal/touchdown is scored, ball is awarded
to the other team. They begin advancing down the
field from their end zone. Other team must back
up 10 yards to allow ball to be put into play.
viii. This is no contact! No pushing, shoving, hitting
sticks, hitting each other with sticks, no throwing
your stick, etc. If this is done, ball is awarded to
other team.
ix. Defense must be played straight up and down; no
interference with sticks.
End of lesson discussion (5-8 minutes)
[Describe culminating/wrap-up activity and Include restatement of lesson objective and vocabulary,
directions for cleanup, and expected behavior when complete.]

Conclusion /

of Instruction

End of Lesson Discussion

Achievement of goals/objectives- thumbs up if all 3 complete,
thumb in middle is 2 complete, thumbs down if 1 of less
o Psychomotor- The students will be able to complete 2
passes during game play with their team.
o Cognitive- The students will be able to explain the
benefits of passing during game play.
o Affective- The students will be sensitive to the differences in

physical ability levels of other students.

Critical Thinking Questions:

o What difficulty did you have with passing, receiving,
cradling and scooping the ball?- discuss with your
o What difficulty did you have with the 2 pass requirement
during game play? How did it help?
o What are some examples of how you or your peers
demonstrated sensitivity to the differences in physical
ability levels of other students?

[Describe adapted input, output, time, level of difficulty, level of support and/or degree of participation,
as pertinent to your students.]

Decrease difficulty- no pass requirement, no time limit on holding

ball, larger/softer ball
Increase difficulty- increase pass requirement, decrease time

allowed to hold the ball

What was the impact of the lesson on student learning?
What went well and why?
Pre-made teams worked much better

SelfAssessment and

What did not go well and why:

Some students are too aggressive and out of control, therefore all my attention is on them to try to
control their behavior the entire period, which is unfair to the rest of the class.
What unexpected things happened and how did I respond?
Student threw a temper after numerous warnings when I had him sit out and lose points for the day
What will you do next time to improve the lesson?
Require everyone to pass/receive the ball before can score
Increased time with ball to 5 seconds to allows students to make better decisions