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Chad flash cards PowerPoint

What does it mean?
What is an example?
Meaning: is the problem of the story.
A lot of answer.
What does it mean?
What is a synonym for laugh?
Meaning: is a word that mean the same.
Chuckled or Funny
What does it mean?
What is an antonym for frozen?
Meaning: is a word that means opposite.
What does it mean?
What is a sentence that used simile?
Meaning: is a sentence using like or as
The money in a clown was as funny as the Mr. Mine
A Hook
What is the meaning?
Who is the author of Magic tree house?
Meaning: A book or essay or short story that gets the reader
Mary Pope Osborne
Adverb and Verb
What does verb mean?
What does adverb mean?
Verb- the action word in a sentence; the word that tells what
something does or that something.
Adverb- the word that means tells when, where, or how.

Noun and Pronoun

Chad flash cards PowerPoint

What does noun mean?

What does pronoun mean?
Noun- is a person place or thing
A word that takes place of a noun.
Fact and Opinion
What does fact means?
What does opinion means?
Fact- is a true statement
Opinion- information that someone things.
What is the meaning of adjective?
True or false, is running an adjective words?
Adjective meaning: is a action word in a sentence.
Yes because it is an action word.
Main Idea
What is the meaning of main idea?
True or False, Is the main idea like a summary of the story?
Main Idea- is the important part of the story.
Paragraph and Subject
What is the meaning of paragraph?
What is the meaning of subject?
Paragraph- a group sentence that tells about one main idea.
Subject- a word or several words that tell when or what a
sentence is about.
Theme and Plot
What is the meaning of theme?
What is the meaning of plot?
Theme meaning- The lesson they are teaching you.
Plot meaning- main event of the story.

Drawing Conclusion
What is drawing conclusion meaning?

Chad flash cards PowerPoint

True or False, Is the conclusion at the end of a story.

Drawing conclusion- a decision or opinion you reach based
on details from the test.
False because you can put is at the end of a paragraph and
at the last paragraph of an essay.
Author purpose pie
Persuade- The author trying to get you to do something.
Inform- The author is giving you information.
Entertain- The author is trying to my you enjoy the story by
keeping the reader attention.
Elements of Exposit writing
Introduction- introduces the main idea and three reasons to
be further explain
Thesis statement- presents the central idea on an essay.
Body paragraphs- supports the thesis by giving specific
reason, facts, and example in individual paragraphs.
Conclusion- Stresses the importance of the thesis statement
and gives a sense of completeness and insight of the reader.
Transitions- help reader follow shifts in ideas, sentences, and