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Assignment 1: Information Literacy

CSIT 101

1) List the keywords you used to find the articles

The keyword I used is mobile technology.
2) Identify the database you used.
The database is used is ABI/Inform complete.
3) Why do you choose this database?
I chose this database because it is being updated frequently and it is a scholarly database.
4) Cite DB 1(APA format)
Kim, J., Jin, Y., Ma, & Park, J. (2009). Are US consumers ready to adopt mobile technology
for fashion goods? Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 13(2), 215-230.
CITE DB 2(APA format)
Bardon, A. (2004). Ethics education and value prioritization among members of U.S. hospital
ethics committees. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, 14(4), 395-406. Retrieved from

6) Screenshot 2

2) Write a paragraph summarizing the article in 3-4 sentences. Include the title of the article
a) Getting the whole world connected.
Given the deep relationship with Microsoft, many were surprised to see Nokia's mobile division
adopt Android for its new devices, but android is a platform more suited to the emerging markets
at which these three devices are aimed to make the world a more connected universe.
b) Http:// (n.d.).
3a) List the keywords you used to do the search
The keyword I used is mobile technology
b) Cite Internet article 2 in APA or MLA format
"Http://" Web.
c) Identify the search engine you used.
The search engine is Yahoo


1300000000 results in 0.54 seconds

36900000 results in .64 seconds

Had more article and websites

4a) When was it written?

Had more business ads than article

The article was written 2 months ago and has been updated 3 days ago.
b) Does it relate to my topic?
Yes it relates to my topic and answers some of my questions. It elaborates on mobile technology
and how it can be used to interconnect the world and create more business opportunity.
c) The authority of this article is CNN. They are qualified and trusted.
d) Is this information trustworthy?
Yes this information is trust worthy. I has been used by developed countries and now it is being
expanded to developing countries.
e) Why was it written?
This article was written to inform and aware the public of expansion in technology.
5) Compare internet and journal article
a) Ease to access. Internet journal do not have full citation of source while Journals have full
citation of source.
b) Timeliness. Journals are frequently updated than internet articles
c) Authority. Internet articles are often written for the audience by journalist and professional
writers meanwhile Journals are written for faculty, researchers and scholars.