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Two Term President

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933 1945)
President Roosevelt (FDR) was the only President that
was elected for more than 2 terms.
FDR led the nation through WWII and the Great
President George Washington set the precident of a two
term presidency, which lasted until President
In 1951, the 22nd Amendment set the 2 term
presidential limit.

The President: Some Facts

The President is elected through
electoral votes for a four year term.
Must be 35 years of age, 14 year
resident, and a natural born citizen.
The 22nd Amendment places a term
limit on the Presidency.
The 25th Amendment lays out the
Presidential succession.

Roles of the president

Chief of
Legislative Leader

Chief Executive
Judicial Leader

Chief Diplomat

Party Leader

Economic Leader

Role: Chief of state

Living symbol of the United States.
Represents the United States at
special ceremonies and occasions.
Examples of this role are
speechmaking and awarding medals.

Role: Chief executive

Execute or enforce laws.
Acting leader of 15 Executive Departments.
These departments assist the President to carry
out, enforce, and execute laws.
The President selects the cabinet members to
assist and advise him.
Examples of this role are holding cabinet
meetings and appointing federal officials.

Role: legislative leader

Approve or veto bills.
Influences the passage of many bills by
suggesting bills.
Calls special sessions of Congress.
Gives the State of the Union Address.
Examples of this role are calling special sessions
and giving the State of the Union Address.

Role: JUDICIAL leader

The President appoints judges to the Supreme Court
and other federal courts.
Given the power to grant pardons by the
Constitution. (forgiveness). Example: President
Given the power to grant reprieves by the
Constitution. (delay)
Given the power to grant amnesty for federal crimes
by the Constitution. Example: amnesty for those not
reporting for the draft for the Vietnam War.

Role: Commander-in-chief
The President is in charge of all branches of the
Armed Forces.
ONLY the President may send troops into
troubled areas.
ONLY the President can make the final decisions
during wartime.

Role: Chief diplomat

Negotiates treaties.
Establishes foreign policy.
Decides how the U.S. will react to actions
of other countries.
The Constitution gives the President the
power to:
Appoint ambassadors
Make treaties

Role: Party leader

The President is the leader of his political party.
May appoint party members to government jobs.
When making a decision, the President considers
both the goals of the nation and the goals of his
Campaigns for members of his party.

Role: economic leader

Creates a national budget.
Carries out national spending
Promotes national, economic growth.

The president
Why do you think the President is the most
visible position in the American political
Does the President really ALWAYS put the
needs of the American people first when
making decisions?
How does the President actually help the
citizens of the United States?

Man of many hats

Make a hat placing adornments or medals
representing the many roles of the President.
The hat must have 8 medals; one for each of the
roles. (2 pts. each)
The medals must represent each role. (2 pts.
A written description of each role must be with
each role. (2 pts. each)
Creativity counts!