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‘UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 4 EXECUTIVE OFFICE FOR IMMIGRATION REVIEW OFFICE OF THE IMMIGRATION JUDGE In the Matter of In Removal Proceedings Bookey Mud AFFIDAVIT OF ‘Amina Bookey Mudey F File No. A 97 533 835, STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NEW YORK KATHERINE FALK, M.D., being duly sworn, states: I submit this affidavit in support of Amina Bookey Mudey’s request for asylum. i ee 43. As of June 22, 2007, she is taking risperdal 2mg at bedtime and desipramine 20mg at night. 44, The diagnosis given to her by the doctor seeing her at the detention center is PTSD, psychosis and depression. She clearly has very severe PTSD and she is clearly depressed, but there is no evidence of psychosis, and there is absolutely nothing in the notes to indicate that she had any , symptoms that would lead a medical doctor to be able to diagnosis psychosis. Psychosis can only be diagnosed if there is evidence that the individual is unable to test reality, ie, unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. There is no evidence in the medical notes that this is the case. In addition, Ms, Mudey is able to make direct eye contact, which is not consistent with a psychotic diagnosis. The medical notes document incidents where Ms. Mudey has some kind of tremors. They have ruled out seizure disorder as a cause of the tremors. The tremors could be caused by a lot of things — they can be caused by a neurological disorder, by anxiety or even electrolyte imbalance, but they are most definitely not diagnostic of psychosis. 45. She is not psychotic and should not be taking risperdal. Fron: Amica eam tye Sve — 20 A207. _ Mish. —— seonas._ a deste hospital \ ses leken. ome = Fides, Aagust 3, goo.) Om entiHec to have access te Ing 297 ingdical stcmds and aen ented bo Know lhe noenes oF each deci who has admniserect medical tare -o me. a As yo Taxon, \ de oe speek Greig. \ sgeak Somali. \_.mrd to hare a Somali ieeagota uh mafpen ee ust, doclrs. Myatorentes oped, ond Govtinuna. to semen renee none antn +r 20, 300% fontd obit, the_seniene Oo. Sompadi iskagelea.. or a Cesk se. opiemengsrf—\ ama " sbeeaycuied otcnaa de prope erp dicad Core. toh \ tone Cormuniaske ti Ln muy are 2a har am win nd, _— “oXse_\o Qroade an Sevapredea Qor: Gus. _—e Yoo reed aby. Cal ms horny: __ Se, EI od dhe Lill . terete Ugo wath, co Sapali Ineupeler. Or, —-HE po wishte Conlact he ieee. | BicecHiy, Wes None Ss onli os Ler cell cheno 1S. Sa . Tris lelte. Woe usiten by meen Sorat corre eirpalen Wey _ B RESIS seis @ Se ae aa