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SCANNED AUG 29 2001 rm 990-PF Return of Private Foundation or Section 4947(aX(1) Nonexempt Charitable Trust ‘Treated as a Private Foundation Prrectursnte”” | not: te oganzaion ay be abl se 2 copy o is rent say ate eporung equtomen’ For ealondar year 2000, or tax year beginning 2000, and ending © Check all that apply, LI inal etwmn 6 Final return CL) Amended Use talS| TenBeet Ran sey Children’s Benched Gt" 1397683 ‘one No. ses.0082| 2000 120 ‘eure Ll] Adsress change LJ Name change [a Ernope ntti par ornerwise, Ee TD ttn tein eee nen OORT fe Teepnone some Ge page 10 af Fe waco) of tyr 724505" eet): seo Secinel Eo. Be. ‘stu, and 2 coe Nc vexenpionappicaion spending cee aee ® LD TEA, 1139 os raepropiinion cwchme . > C] 1 Check type of organirauon: [] Section ZOTETG)exemot private Toundavon 2 Frog nator ag in 0 C1 Section 4947(a)(1) nonexempt charitable tust 2 Other taxabie private foundatio| 1 For market value ofa assets at end |J Accounting method: Cash C) Accrual of year form Pare cot (eh CO otter ispecity wait coum fe) mt bo ine 1 $_ 2, GUO aan ba ‘check hese and attach compuration . =) * peraetrste otes F (re socson Sone check eS ‘Analysis of Revenue and Expenses ot mort tn) ae ma 0 cecean Inv aocns moan ee page tbe acer (a) Reeve ad (0) Neicwestma (et Aate t 1 Dapasemere Voreanabe cath oso) 1 Coniibutons gis, ants, ee, xiv [atachsehagule), 2. Distributions from spit-interest 1tusts a 3. Increst on savings and temporary cash investments 4 Dividends and interest from securities. 5a Gross rents, 2 'b Net rental income oF (oss) f LE (nck on ine 10 6a Net gain oF (oss from sale of 355 1 Gross sales pce for at assets on he 2 7. Capital gain net income (ror Part line 2) B Net short-term capital gain 9 Income modiicavons : 0 Crs ses tess uns ar alowances Revenue Less: Cost of goods sold . © Gross profit or (oss) (attach schedule) }11 Other income (attach schedule) Fee ST 2. 12 Total. Ade bnes V through 11 [wai ja) f RS [aha a ceeaieofeace ciao watt Peer Other professional fees (attach scheduleysT bes techs pps ee eae MED Travel, com rative Expenses ‘ fs Wr ak BB iad S} scheduy S74 avé&gdministrative expenses. eset : 2s Conoaton ts ans pad 26 Total expenses and disbursements. Add lines 2a and 25 i Opera L2L Tey a ae pa oF 1 269 27 Subtract tine 26 from ne 12 2 Excess of revenue over expenses and disbursements Net investment income it negatwe, erter -0). c Adjusted net income if negative, enter 0-1 a. 29 For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the instructions Form 990-PF (occ) fom 0. Benct Ramsey Children's Fovnbaton 94-1391683 rm 2 ocd Shes ean erga cu Begnang oF yeor Era of year EEMIMD) Balance sheets id ne Sy Yea ‘Seenstution | | a Boon ae | 1 Bok Var Far Maret Ve ‘Cash—nonnterest-bearing Less: allowance for doubt! accounts Savings and temporaty cash investments & ve DEB, 3 Accounts recoivable m. a LEED 4 Pledges receivable m. Less: allowance for doubtful accounts > Grants receivable Receivables due from oficers, cectors, trustees, and other ‘iequalfied parsons (altach Schecule) (sae page 15 of vie Instructions) 7 Other rots aed loans ecb tach schedule) : Less: allowance for deutsfl accounts 8 Inventotlas for sale or use 9 Prepaid expenses and deferred charges. Assets 10a mesimerts—US, ad sate goverment cigations faach sched) 4 pa 'b Investments—corporate stock (attach schedule) € Investments—co:porate bonds (attach schedule) ss acmumeted depreciation (tach sched Je) 111 mosiments ara. buds rd equpment basis MME VM 12. Investmens--mortgage loans : 13 Investenents—other (attach schedule) 14 Land, bulings, and equipment: basis Less ccumeted depreciation (tach sched) 115 Other assets (describe > ) 16. Total assets (to be completed by all fiers see page 16 of thetnstuctons. Aso, se page 1, tem 6,415 | 7,860 BLO 17 Accounts payable and accrued expenses C 118 Grants payable 19 Defewed revenue. 20 Loans from ofcers, rectors, ust, nd clr ascii parses, Liabilities [21 Morgages and other notes payable (attach schedule) [22 Other liabilities jdescrbe. aaa 23 ities (ade tines 17 through 22, ° o ions that foliow SFAS 117, chock horeb Of ‘complete lines 24 through 26 and fines 30 and 31. 28 ates G.4IF| 27, 660 125. lemporaniy resticted [28 Pecmanently restiictes E izations that do not follow SFAS 117, check here ® (1) “complete lines 27 through 31. l27 Capital stock. wust principal, or current funds, [28 Paic-inor capital surplus, or land, bidg., and equipment fund 29. Retacw earings, accuruatedincome, endowment, o: ther funds 0 Total net ass0ts or fd balances see page 17 ofthe instructions). G4Is | 7,860 Net Assets or Fund Balances bt Tra abies and pet assetsred balances ice page 17 te rsmucton weve | ews! 7,%0 ‘Analysis of Changes in Net Assets or Fund Balances 1 Total net assets or fund balances at beginning of yeae-Part IL column fa, line 30 (must agiee wih] ‘end-of-year figure reported on prior yeaks return), tls 2 Enler amount from Par |. tne 27. : : : 1, bs 4 Olher increases not incl inline 2 Gierrize™.. 4 Add hes 1, 2. and 3 ZFeD 5 Decraases not included i line 2 (itemize) 6 Total net assets oF fund balances ai end of Yea! fine 4 mari line 9}-Par I, column (ne 50, [ZO Fer 990-PF on rom swe wea Ton Benet Kamiey Childrens Ru nbatem, P0137 768303 ‘Capital Gains and Losses for Tax on investmont Income Pra aaaT (Laken are mt pay 9. eat Pa] wom care | a oaesoe LS eens A I ee Eay ponies | Shout | Ghcam'y) r/73 ® 1 Opes sme an ate te 9 San fo (41 Geos sates pice Oe Stoeate) Gar experer se Soa ten ty ° ‘ CTI ry To Esa ong a coin a Ord by Te Tout on STR jaclnas ay os cm 8 0) ib it eS oe foray asc a0 fo ravieg te ace oa Beare ery 83), enter -O- 1m Part ine 7 13 Net short-term capital gain or loss) as defined in sections 1222(6) and (6: I gain, also enter in Part | ne 8. column c) (see pages 13 and 17 of the instructions) Ii oss). enter -O- in Part | ine 6 3 ‘Gualication Under Section 4940(e) for Reduced Tax on Net investment income W sect 12) apples, leave ths part blank. (For aoe ‘by domestic private foundations subject to the section 4940(a) tax on net investment income) Ws the organization lable for the section 4942 tax on the eisibutable amount of any year inthe base period Yes C) No I1"Yes." the organization does not quality under section 4940(@). Do not complete this part 7 Enler the appropriate amount in each Column for each year: see page 18 of te Instructions belore me aking any entries. e © a. ase pt yeas Aeynted undp drawers | Netw of nncenble ue assets Satta, inna yo ene Begg 01 eo Re by 999 eat 1996. 1997 11996. 1995 2 Total of line 1, column (6) : . 2 $3 Average distribution ratio for the 5-year base period-dvide the total on tine 2 by 5. ot by the number of years the foundation has been in existence if ess than § yeas, a 4 Enter the net value of noncharitable-use assets for 2000 trom Part X. line § 4 5 Multiply ine 4 byline3 2. oi : ‘ -- 6 Enter 19 of net investment income (1% of Patt I ine 27) s 7 Add tines § and 6 1 £8 Ener qualifying distributions from Part Xi line 4 ls It line 8 is equal to or graater than tne 7, check the box in Part VI, line Yb, and complete that part using a 196 tax rate, ie the Part Vi instructions on page 18 Fem 980-PF 2000