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SEARCH WARRANT AUTHORIZING INSPECTION AND ADMINISTRATIVE SEARCH OF PROPERTY FOR VIOLATIONS OF CHAPTER _6_ OF THE COLUMBIA CODE STATE OF MISSOURI) COUNTY OF BOONE ) CITY OF COLUMBIA) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF BOONE COUNTY MUNICIPAL DIVISION FOR THE CITY OF COLUMBIA, Within and for such City and County, the State of Missouri to any Peace Officer and Inspector of the City of Columbi WHEREAS an application in writing, duly verified by oath, has been filed with the undersigned Judge of the Court stating upon information and belief that Chapter 22 Public Works And Improvements, Article V.— Rental Unit Conservation Law, Sec. 22-186- Anplication for Certificate of the Columbia Code is being violated in that: The owner of the premises at 606 McBaine Ave. Parcel # 16. 022.00 01 has submitted an application for certificate of compliance and has failed to provide a consent 10 inspection by refusing to sign the application which allows permission for inspector's to inspect the premises for which the certificate is sought at a reasonable time for the purpose of determining whether or not the premises are in compliance with chapters 6, 9 (article II), 20, 23, 24, 25 and 29 of the code. WHEREAS, the Judge of this Court from the sworn allegations of said application and from the supporting written affidavits filed therewith has found that there is probable cause to believe the allegations of the application to be true and probable cause for the issuance of a search warrant herein; NOW, THEREFORE, these are to command you that you inspect said premises above described within the (10) days of the issuance of this warrant by day, and take with you, if need be, the power of your city and conduct an inspection of the above described property and if said above-described property of any part thereof be found in violation of said Chapter 6, Article VIL, Secs. 6-71 & 6-72 of the Columbia Code, that you make a full and complete record of said violations, notifying the owner of said violations of said property, and that you thereafter retum, the record of said violations to this court to be hereafter dealt with in accordance with law, Witness my hand and the seal of this court on the Boe any of Tiras 1:38 he» 2 ‘Judge of Said Court Ss