SEX How was it for you Fuck Shag Grind Screw Did you howl like the beast in satisfaction of the feast An animal unleashed Did you scratch and tear Did you pull her hair Did it hurt so good Was it understood Few words said as the hunger is fed from fantasies played in the head Hip-to-hip Back to front Pounding rump Pounding hearts the climax starts with tightened grips Parted lips moistened for the member being rough and tender Power in each rhythmic thrust United lust Bodies burning Eyeball turning Bestial yearning Overwhelming ecstasy You and me Lock and key Emotions expressed in physicality

may be as close as most get to divinity Lost in temporal bliss Reality we dismiss Profundity in orgasmic release We find our peace when the spasms cease Exhausted Breathless Still We are restless We grasp for breath as recovery from the ‘little death ’ Reaching for the fathomless deep we fall into rewarding sleep Was it good for you Fuck Shag Grind Screw Maybe next time we'll be sublime Rise above A steel hand in a silk glove caressing When push is not shove we'll be making love as our blessing.


11/5/98 (D.N.Moule)

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