THE TECH SET, Number 8 Ellyssa Kroski, Series Editor

Library Camps and Unconferences
Steve Lawson

Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.
New York London


Difficult as it has been, the task of writing this book may be all worth it simply for the chance to thank the following wonderful people in print. Were it not for my editor Ellyssa Kroski and the people at Neal-Schuman, this book would not exist at all. I feel very lucky to be part of the Library Society of the World: a group of librarians who get together online and manage to make talking about libraries an engaging and often hilarious activity. The LSW and the larger group of blogging librarians have greatly enriched my professional and personal life, and I am grateful. For their direct contributions to the process of writing this book, I am pleased to thank by name Meredith Farkas, Dorothea Salo, Walt Crawford, Martha Hardy, Joshua M. Neff, Jenna Freedman, David Lee King, John Blyberg, Ryan Deschamps, Stephen Francoeur, Kathryn Greenhill, Michelle Boule, Nicole Engard and Michael Sauers. I owe special thanks to Iris Jastram for offering perceptive comments on large sections of this book and for generally being a brick. Laura Crossett and Joe Kraus were ideal co-conspirators on the Library Camp of the West 2008. They helped convert my interest in library camps from hypothetical to actual. John Porcellino was kind enough to donate his artwork to that event and to this book. I could not ask for more supportive co-workers than the people at Colorado College’s Tutt Library.
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xii t Library Camps and Unconferences

Last, I owe my greatest thanks to my family: my mom and dad who have encouraged and supported me through every phase of my life, and Shanon, Luke, and Nicholas, who make everything worthwhile.

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