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Sony Music Entertainment

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Lutterworth College
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LE17 4EW
Dear whom it may concern,
In order for you to fully understand the planning of my project I have decided to
write to you to answer the question; How Effective is the Combination of Your
Main Product and Ancillary Texts?
I believe that the combination between our music video and my own personal
ancillary texts was truly effective. When creating my digipak and magazine
advert I had to take into consideration how it would work and appear alongside
our final media product, the music video.
When taking images to use in my digipak and advert, I decided that I wanted the
atmosphere and feeling of the photos to be the same as the shots in the music
video. This meant I had to take a photo that would make the audience think and
may appear a little solemn and 'moody'. To do this I experimented with different
techniques and styles of photography. I knew I wanted the photo I would take to
be dark, both visually and emotionally, so that it could match the overall tone
and literal colour of the music video, which is shot mostly at night time. The
image I selected to use incorporated all of these criteria that I wanted it to. The
colours red and black were predominant in the front cover due to the red curtain
and the dark lighting. This image directly relates to many shots in the video,
such as the light flare that we use as a transition towards the start of the video.
The red circles on the black background have a striking visual resemblance to
the image I chose to use on both my magazine advert and digipak.

Even though my front cover was the most important part of my digipak, when
combining this alongside the main media product, it was also important for me to
ensure the rest of my digipak continued with a similar theme and style, so that it
wasn't just the cover that worked effectively alongside the music video. To
ensure I did this, I used similarly dark photos to try and convey a similar tone
and feeling. I analysed shots we had taken for the video, before it had been
edited together and took photos that I believed would match the overall video.
This is evident in the first inside panel of my digipak. The blurred shot of the tree
and the light matches many shots in the video in which the main actor is walking
down tree lined paths in the night with street lights illuminating him.

I ensured that when creating our music video, shots were included that would
relate and be linked to my ancillary texts. I wanted to include plenty of dark
shots and shots that would make the audience ask questions and shots that
would intrigue them. I also looked at the colour scheme and tried to relate this to
certain shots.
Other than the theme and appearance of all these pieces, the conventions and
genres also worked well together. Both the digipak and the magazine advert

conveyed conventions of an indie genre, for example, in the magazine advert the
ratings of well-known magazines are a common convention. As well as these
conventions being conveyed by the ancillary texts, they are also conveyed in the
the video. Many indie videos have a performance aspect, as does our own. Due
to the conventions of the genre and the style of the products, these pieces are
very effective alongside each other.
Overall I believe that this whole project combines to create a very effective
series of media products. A lot of thought and time went into the planning of the
shots to ensure that the photographs and the video matched well and worked as
an effective pair.