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Case study on prevention of fatal

Accident ?

Safety concerns:
While workers are expected to carry out their work in a safe and healthy
environment, we know, with the number of workplace accidents, this isn’t
always the case.

2. When you are confronted with safety and health issue at work, you don’t have
to deal with it alone.

Safety is every bodies responsibility as for as accident
prevention is concerned.

Gurucharan Singh Virdi .I . K Venkateshwar Rao. Abhimanyu Suttar Sh. My other team members are Sh. on behalf of Group1. Om Prakash Saini Sh Devashis Nayak Sh. Welcome you to the presentation on case study on prevention of Fatal Accidents.

AT THERMAL POWER COMPANY• Thermal Power Company’s is a 2000 MW Thermal power plant . on the day of the incident unit #1 was under overhauling and unit #2 had a Boiler tube leakage .FACTS: IN CASE STUDY FATAL INJURY.every body in the turbine floor was busy trying to get the units operational • The accident took place during restarting activity of unit #2 . • The plant is fully operation.

0 mtr .Chronological Order of Events • HP bypass valve replacement activity was planned in untit #2. Floor Grill near UCB entrance was opened and put aside so as to be able to access the equipment • One non-technician helper was asked to stand near opening so as to warn people regarding the opening • C&I Engineer had gone to bring EOT crane near to floor opening for lifting the valve from 8.5 mtr to 17.0 mts. C & I had applied for and had taken Permit to work ( PTW) • For shifting of material from 8.5 mts to 17.

Operation Engineer came out of UCB and fell through that opening and got horrible head injury. • C & I Engineer came near to the opening and saw someone fall into the opening and raised the alarm.Chronological Order of Events • At that time. • Doctors on duty declared patient brought dead . • Operation Engineer was taken to hospital in ambulance immediately.

– Any other aspect. – Fixation of responsibility to the extent possible. .TPC: AIC • An Accident Investigation Committee was formed to : – Establish the circumstances and reasons leading to the accident. – Suggest remedial measures for prevention of recurrence of similar or related nature of accident.

1. Accident FIR report 2.Shift charge Engineer : 2.TPC : Investigation by the ‘AIC’ : AIC went through • Site visit: • Documents Checked 1. Photograph of accident place. • Interviewing: Persons :.C&I Engineer 3 Helper kept at site to warn people • Enquiry finding: .

2. He was not told about the importance to staying near the floor opening by the engineer. The Operation engineer had rushed out of the Unit Control Room (UCB) due to some urgent work and had failed to notice the opening . 3. No Visual Indication or barricading was in place to warn anybody as to removal of floor plate at that location .Enquiry findings 1. C&I helper told that he was at the washroom at that time for nature call.

For issuing PTW for opening of floor safety. • Then only actual PTW issued with cross PTW with barricading PTW and signature of all 3 concerned departments representatives. CISF-fire .ACTION TAKEN BASED ON ENQUIRY FINDINGS • PTW system modified . operation Shift In charge has to give clearance only after Physical verification the barricading near opening and all other safety measures taken. .

Effect of the Safety Procedure Adopted • Maintenance personnel had a complaint that they were facing delay in completion of work as getting signature from all concerned is time taking. .

Only after all the safety measures are in place the required required permit to work is to be issued 3.Learnigs 1. 4. 2. Continuous. close supervision should be available and risk assessment of work to been ensured while working at such locations. Proper guidance and training is to be given to the Engineers and workers for working at unsafe areas.   . All locations where work is in progress and unsafe condition persist are to be guarded and visual warning signal provided .

Any question please ? .