American Chemical Society Chemluminary Awards 2015

The Chemluminary Awards provides members an opportunity to recognize local
sections !185 ea), regional meetings, divisions (35 ea) , and international sciences
chapters that receive accolades for their tireless efforts and work in promoting
chemistry and the chemical sciences in local areas during 2014.

Any event held by a local section is eligible as long as it meets the criteria for the award.

A local section may only nominate one event for each LSAC-sponsored award.

The self-nomination must demonstrate the innovative aspects of the event.

The self-nomination must also demonstrate the outstanding service aspects of the event.

The event started with a poster session at the Westin Hotel in Copley Square

Jack Driscoll & Jennifer Maclachlan, NESACS Public Relations
There are 47 awards given with more than > 220 possible groups competing. The Northeastern
Section won two chemluminary awards ( )

 Outstanding Collaboration Between A Division and Local Section
Northeastern Local Section, the Division of Business Development & Management, and the
Division of Small Chemical Businesses

Names L to R- Martin Rudd, LSAC Chair, Mike Morello, DAC Chair, Diane Grob
Schmidt, ACS President, Joe Sobol, SCHB Programs, Jennifer Maclachlan, NESACS PR,
Jack Driscoll, NESACS PR, Dan Dailey, DBDM Chair , Cathy Costello, NESACS Past
The Northeastern Section together with the Division of Small Chemical Businesses
Chemical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council, the Division of Business
Development and Management, and Nova Biomedical presented the 2014 ACS
Entrepreneurial Resource Center Showcase East Event, a chemistry-based
business pitch competition. This collaboration served as an outstanding example of
how a Local Section and multiple ACS Divisions can work together to produce a
successful. The prize was a $10,000 cash award for winning this entrepreneurial

Outstanding NCW Event for a Specific Audience
Northeastern Local Section

For the second year, the Northeastern section sponsored “Cape Cod Celebrates
National Chemistry Week”, a science cafe for kids held in conjunction with the Boy

Scouts of America fall event. Using the NCW topic, Chemistry of Candy, a local
candy man demonstrated the science behind candy making.

L to R- George Heard, ACS CCA Chair, Jennifer Maclachlin, NESACS PR, Cathy
Costello, NESACS Chair, Jack Driscoll, NESACS PR, Donna Nelson, ACS President

It is not too early to start planning events that could lead to chemluminary awards in 2016. Look
at the chemluminary award that the younger chemists received. We are also doing some
groundbreaking work on archiving our records. That is something that other sections would be
very interested in and we could team up with the ACS History of Chemistry Div.
Jack Driscoll and Jennifer Maclachlan, NESACS Public Relations Committee
Photos by M.Z. Hoffman