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Planning Production

Front cover image:
- Model will be laying on his back inside what looks like a
coffin (instead I will use a wooden box with a sheet/fabric
to cover it, either purple or red) – this will connote the
indie-rock genre.
- ‘Birdseye’/above-shot, MCU so the model’s face, arms and
upper torso are visible.
- For musical iconography, the model’s arms will be crossed
over his chest with a microphone (the microphone
substituting what would typically be a flower).
- The model’s eyes will be open really wide to signify that
he is ‘coming alive’, while giving direct mode of address.
- The makeup used will be relatively pale on the face/lips,
with a slight red tint around the eyes to make them stand
out – this will connote the genre of the magazine.
- The lighting will be quite dark around everywhere except
the model’s face, but bright enough that the whole image
can be seen. The paleness of the model’s face will be
accentuated by a bright light.
- The model will be wearing clothes that connote the indiegenre; a simple plaid shirt and jeans.
Images for contents page:
Photo 1:
- Existing image
- Singer, NicePeter, performing live to go with the article of
his interview.
- Will be edited to look more ‘professional’ and ‘finished’,
i.e. the lighting will be made to look brighter.
Photo 2:
- A female model posing as a singer to go with the ‘up and
coming: artists to look out for in 2016’ article.

- An MCU taken from the side, with the model’s head
slightly tilted to face the camera, giving direct mode of
- The photo will be taken outside underneath a tree, with
emphasis on the surrounding nature.
Photo 3:
- Over-the-shoulder shot of someone writing down
lyrics/band names to go with the ‘What makes a
successful band?’ article.
- High-key lighting
- The model will be out of focus, whereas the sheet of
paper/the writing will be clear and in focus.
Photo 4:
- Front cover repeated.
- Placed in the upper left corner of the page, above the
other images and next to the title ‘contents’.
DPS photos:
- Main image of artist, taking up one whole page
- Artist is laying on his back on the ground with his feet/legs
up on a rusty container; he is giving direct mode of
address with his head titled back; he will be holding a
guitar on his stomach
- Shot taken from the side of the artist stood in front of a
rusty container; he is holding his guitar over his shoulder;
the photo will show the artist from the waist up.
Teen Idol’s return to music

- Mr Nice Guy
NicePeter talks YouTube, touring and life
- A walk down Musical Lane
Look back at the tracks of 2015
- Coldplay BTS
The making of their new video
Oasis rebel addresses rumours, and more
- Got what it takes?
Top tips for music success
See the 1975, iTunes special offer, up and coming artists,
Arctic Monkeys quiz and MORE, all inside…
Contents page articles:
1. Music reviews of the month
2. Instrument reviews of the month
3. Gig guide
4. Letters
5. Competition
6. News
7. Upcoming artists
8. Q&A section
1. Interview with ______________
2. Top 50 indie tracks of 2015 – These are the major
songs of this year that everyone had stuck in their heads.
3. BTS of Coldplay’s latest music video – In light of their
new album, we give you an exclusive look at the making
of the band’s latest video.
4. Major indie-rock moments of 2015

5. What makes a successful band? – Have you ever
thought about starting a band? Read these tips from a
music manager on breaking into the music biz.
6. Top 10 indie collaborations of the year
7. Flashback: bands that made the mould – Indie music
hasn’t always been the way it is today, so let’s take a look
at the artists who made it possible for the stars of today.
8. Up and coming: artists to look out for in 2016 – You
saw them here first; ‘Sharp’ gives you an exclusive look at
these musicians we know will be huge next year.
9. The evolution of indie music
Flash promotion – Get 25% off your next three
iTunes purchases!
Top 20 tracks to have in your Xmas party mix –
Whether you’re having a chill get-together will family and
friends or a full-blown house party, these songs are a must
for your Christmas soirees.
Reader ratings – You voted for your favourite
albums of 2015, these are the results.
London Bound: Competition - Win a weekend trip
to London to see The 1975 live!
Have YOUR say – Vote for who you think should
become a ‘Sharp’ writer after reading these submitted
Mr Nice Guy – YouTube sensation NicePeter talks of
his return to the music scene.
How well do you know the Arctic Monkeys? –
Consider yourself an Arctic Monkeys super-fan? Have a go
at our quiz, designed specifically for true fangirls/boys.
Noel Gallagher – the original indie rebel sits down
in the ‘Sharp’ hot seat.
Plus editor’s note in the lower right-hand corner,
beneath the articles.