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1. Everyone who accesses and uses Sitto must read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions” listed
below. By agreeing, this enacts a legally binding contract which takes precedent over any prior
arrangements, should the need arise. Sitto reserves the right to terminate or deny your access
to our service immediately at any time.
2. Every user must agree to the updated policy within seven (7) days of the change or their access
to Sitto will be revoked.
3. Every user agrees that all information and credentials listed on our website has not been falsified.
4. Every user agrees to not understate or overstate the amount owed based on duration on
services. Should this occur, Sitto will resolve the issues.
Privacy Policy:
1. Sitto collect information about you when you use our mobile application or website and through
other interactions with us.
2. Sitto collects information you provide directly to us, including but not limited to:
a. When you create or modify your account
b. Request a service
c. Communicate with us
3. Sitto reserves the right to collect any or all of the following:
a. Name
b. Email
c. Phone Number
d. Postal Address
e. Profile Picture
f. Payment Method
g. Items Requested
h. Location Information
Transaction Time
Usage and Preference Information
k. Device Information
Log Information
4. Due to the variance of Sitto on various mobile platforms, you will be alerted the first time the Sitto
app requests data permission. After the first request, the app will automatically be given
permission from the device to access all the authorized information. To change this permission,
uninstall the app and then reinstall or change its permissions in your device settings.
5. Should you choose to link Sitto to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts, Sitto
may receive information about you through the app.
6. Babysitters and parents who request our service will be asked to rate each other after the
services have been provided. This information will be collected for our database.
7. The information we collect can and will be used towards providing, maintaining and improving our
service. This information will also be used to troubleshoot software problems, prevent fraud,
analyse trends and conduct research. It may also be used to further personalize the service and
recommend certain features, content, advertisements or referrals.

8. After booking a sitter, parents must cancel within 2 days or transaction will continue to be
processed. If a sitter cancels on parents, they have 48 hours after transaction is made to
contact the company for a refund or other inquiries.
9. Sitto will take appropriate measures to ensure all your personal information is protected to the
best of our abilities.
10. Sitto is not liable for any theft, fraud or illegal activity that occurs as a result of using our app.
11. Sitto is not liable for any activity between the babysitter, child and parent. All liabilities are to be
resolved amongst themselves. Sitto serves as a communicational tool and is not responsible for
any unauthorized activity.