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Three Scientists from the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society

(NESACS) are in the 2015 Class of American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellows

Monday Aug. 17, 2015 (Westin Copley Hotel, Boston, MA) - Three members of
NESACS were admitted to the 2015 class of ACS Fellows. Seventy eight members
were admitted this year making a total of 885 ACS Fellows. The ACS is the world’s
largest scientific organization with a total of 158,000 members.
ACS President, Diane Grob Schmidt opened the ceremony and past President of the
ACS, Prof. Emeritus, Thomas Barton, of Iowa State University gave a very rousing
speech. Then the members were inducted. This impressive ceremony was followed by a
reception at the Westin for the new ACS Fellows and their guests.

L to R- Michael Singer, NESACS Secretary, Jack Driscoll, NESACS Public Relations Chair
Photo by M.Z. Hoffman

Cebe, Professor, Tufts University – Recognized as a leader in thermal analysis and
calorimetry of polymers; pioneered the use of high-precision/ high-accuracy heat capacity
measurements of polymer materials science to the study of
biomacromolecules; served as Chair of the Polymeric Materials: Science and
Engineering Division (PMSE), managing participation at the 2001 national
meetings; as PMSE Program Chair, she organized programs for the 2000
national meetings.
Driscoll- PID analyzers, LLC

Contribution to the science/profession: Developed the first photoionization detector (PID) for
parts-per-billion levels of organic compounds by gas chromatography in 1973. Developed a PID
for parts-per-trillion levels of arsenic and mercury in food in 2013.
Contribution to the ACS community: Started the Cape Cod Science Cafe and has organized 12
since 2011. Also started the STEM Journey Event for K–12 students and has organized the first
two; Stem Journey II had 1100 participants, NESACS Public Relations Chair (2011-present)
Singer- Sigma Aldrich Corp.

Contribution to the science/profession: Recognized for original research contributions in the
field of cannabinoid chemistry and design and validation of chemistry for the high-throughput
synthesis of proprietary combinatorial libraries. Currently serves as R&D Manager for new
product development.
Contribution to the ACS community: Served as Secretary (1998–present) and Councilor (1996–
present) for the Northeastern Local Section and recognized with the Henry A. Hill Award for
Outstanding Service to the Northeastern Section (2008). Committee appointments have included
Chemical Abstracts Service, Local Section Activities, and currently, Meetings & Expositions.

Jack Driscoll, NESACS Public Relations Chair