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Trans Saharan

Entree 1: I live by the Senegal River. It’s in
Senegambia. There probably wouldn’t but
maybe oases because it is right by the river.
The river measures at 1,020 miles long. The
river starts at the top Guinea and drains to
the Atlantic Ocean. As I was walking with my
camels to the place of my destination I was
encountered by one thing someone never
wants to meet. Robbers. All they did was ask
for my spices and took all of it. Then right
after I came across some Arab merchants that
were also nomads. Then they gave me some
of their spices because they felt bad. But they
asked for my camels so I no longer had any
help except for one camel. I wanted to trade
my original spices but I ended up with some
Paprika and Aleppo. I traded it for a good
amount of the finest resources salt. Then I
traded the salt for gold. Gold and salt of the
same prices so their currencies equal each
other. I learned a new “religion” called Muslim.

I didn’t know much about Muslim yet so I
didn’t switch over to it. Will I met those
merchants we traveled together for a little
and I learned of a new language called Arabic.
Entrée 2: I’m currently off course and
seem to have stranded somewhere into the
middle of nowhere in the middle of the Sahara
desert. The weather is a lot hotter than by my
house. The winds are really strong and keep
picking up. The sand is swarming around me
like a swarm of bees in a hive. There is no one
out here. I’m all alone with large bags of gold
and lost. I can’t trade any of my items
because of how lost I am and there are no
Entrée 3: I made it to Cairo in safety not
losing anything. It is on the other side of the
Sahara desert. It is just like my old home.
Land is almost the same as my home, greener
for sure. Not even as hot as the middle of the
desert. I met many new people including
merchants, Muslims, and Africans. I traded my
gold for spices and everything that I needed. I
learned so much about the Muslim religion
that I switched over.

Muslim Entrée: The Muslims are the
second largest religious group in the world,
after Catholics. We are required to follow the
five pillars of Islam. The five pillars mean. The
first one. The testimony of faith. It is the most
expression of Islamic beliefs. The second pillar
is the daily prayers. Muslims have to pray five
times a day. The third pillar is Alms giving.
The third pillar is Islam’s having to give. The
fourth pillar fasting of the month Ramadan. It
is where during on month all Muslims fast
from dawn until sundown not eating or
drinking. The fifth pillar is the pilgrimage to
Makkah. It is where one day out of the whole
year Muslims from all around come to pray at
the Makkah.