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Siddharth Suri

Phone No. : +1-416-844-6433

To take a challenging post for understanding business change needs, assessing the impact of those
changes, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and then supporting the
communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant parties and give efficient and
effective solution that will help the organization to achieve the best solution in business and
ultimately increase its productivity in market.
Work Experience

Managed administrative work at NIIT Pvt. Ltd. (8 months)

Aug 2013 April 2014

Data Management at NIIT Pvt. Ltd. (8 months)

Aug 2013 April 2013

Data Analysis and research at Centennial College (4 months)

Jan 2015- April 2015

Group Project work at Centennial College.

May 2014Aug 2015


Summer Training in Computer Applications a part of B.C.A. (Linux, Apache, My SQL,

and PHP) made an E-commerce website as a prototype.
April 2012 July 2012


Centennial College (Toronto, Canada)

May 2014-Present

Global Business Management 3.098 GPA (2 years)

Fundamentals of Project management- MS Project | Business Communications | Research method
for trade and development.| Business strategy.| Business Plan | Information System for Business
Management| Management and leadership | Corporate Social Responsibility| Sales and Negotiation
| Logistics Management | Operations Management | Ethics and Stakeholder Management.

Inderprastha University (New Delhi, India)

September2010-July 2013

(Jagan Institute of Management Studies),

Bachelors in Computer Applications 70.83 CGPA (IT projects 3 years)
Business Communication |Software Engineering (SDLC, ERP, SME, Testing) | Microsoft
Office (Word, Excel, Access) | Front End (Visual Basics, .Net) | Coding (C, C++, Java) |
Database Management System (SQL, MYSQL, Oracle)| E-commerce (B2B, B2C).

Siddharth Suri
Phone No. : +1-416-844-6433
Extra-Curricular Activities

Member of the organizing body of Annual Department Inter-College Festival, OASIS

2012 and 2013.

Member of the organizing body of Annual Department Inter-College Festival, VERVE

2012 and 2013.

Coordinating with the sponsors and other members involved in the event.

Part of Inter-College Volley Ball team. Got 2nd price.

Yoga got 4th price and Gym is a part of my routine.

Personality Traits / Skills

Learning French.
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
HPQC trained.
Business requirements.
User training.
Cost/Benefit analysis.
White box and black box testing.
Test cases and other requirements.
Trained with testing software JIRA.
Experienced in FTP/ VPN / SSH / SSL
Positive thinker and initiator.
IT Quick problem solving ability.
Extrovert and a team player.
Customer service satisfaction.
Knowledge of taking backups in Hard drives.
Multitasking and Creative thinking.
Flexible and a Time keeper.
Wide knowledge in re- engineering concept.
Analytical and optimistic.
Fast learner and reliable performer.
Ability to make people understand and convince them.
Ability to produce the best result in pressure situations.
Ability to work in team as well as individual.
Experienced in preparing excellent documentation and reports.

*Reference available upon request.