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Task Analysis: Smart Response Gradebook

I chose to do my task analysis using the procedural analysis. I chose procedural

analysis to give learners a sequential list of steps to follow for completing this
task. I figured the learner would want a procedural analysis breakdown of the
mental and/or physical steps the learner will go through.

Task Outline:

Set up Class in Smart Response Teacher Tools

1.1 Locate Smart Response icon on desktop

1.2 Click on Smart Response tab
1.3 Click add a class
1.4 Enter information
1.5 Click the add button

Add Students to Class

Click on student tab
Enter student information
Click add tab
2.4 Enter student information (student id, clicker id, last name and first

name). Continue until all students have been added.

2.5 Click Home tab to return to starting page

Script: Smart Response Gradebook


Action on screen


Title slide will play during this audio.

Locate Smart Response icon on desktop.

Hello and welcome to this video
tutorial on how to create a class in
Smart Response.
I will show you how to create a
class using your Smart Response
I am looking at my desktop, or
home screen. You will double
click on the Smart Response icon.

Smart Response.teacher

Show open grade book.

As you see, this is my grade book.

I have already set up a class. I will
create another class to titled
Intervention Group for this


Take this time to where the tabs are on the screen.

First, we will become familiar

with the tabs.
On the left side of the screen is the
grade book tabs, reports tab and
devices. We will only be working
with the grade book tab.
Under the gradebook tab, click
add a class. You may also click the
green circle with a plus sign to add
a class also.
You will now fill in class
information. Create a class name,
period, location and passing grade.
The information with the red * is
required before the class can be
added. Once the information is
entered click the add button.

Now you are back to the home

screen and ready to enter students.

Make sure your class you just

created is highlighted on the left
side of the screen under the grade
book tab. My class is Intervention
Group, and it is highlighted in
black on the left side.

Make sure to point out the tab.

Now click the student tab to the

right of the highlighted blue home


Your screen should look like mine.

Now you are ready to add
students. Click the add button that
is a green circle with a plus sign in
the middle.


Enter student ID, assign student a

clicker number, and enter students
first and last name. Once a student
is added, continue step from 10
and 11 until all students have been


When all students have been

entered, click the home button
(has a house shape) to begin using
your grade book.


Thank you for taking the time to

view my video.