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Nor Aiman Khalidah Ahmad Tarmizi

18, Jln Kekwa 1B, Bkt Beruntung

48300 Rawang, Selangor

Resume Objective
Dedicated and hardworking graduating senior with good communication skills seeking to apply my skills and experiences
to the position of Petroleum Engineer or any relevant position within PETRONAS.
Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO
Major: Engineering Petroleum
Minor: Public Affairs McBride Honors Program

B.S. May 2016

CGPA: 3.865

Relevant Experience
Internship at Onyx Engineering Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
June 2015- August 2015
Acquired formation evaluation data through Routine Core Analysis (RCA) for some offshore wells in Malaysia.
Set up lab and safety procedures for core packing.
Understood the importance of biostratigraphy in oil and gas exploration and some of the techniques used.
Field Session II at Colorado and Utah, USA
May 2015- June 2015
Introduced to reservoir engineering and its practicality in the oil and gas industry.
Experienced in-field techniques for well exploration and development.
Built networks with colleagues and company representatives through field activities and company visits.
Field Session I at Colorado and Wyoming, USA
May 2014- June 2014
Visited the offices of the oil and gas companies and their production sites at their respective fields in Wyoming.
Observed the work cultures of different companies through projects presentations, safety practices, and site visits.
Internship at International Youth Center (IYC), Malaysia
June 2014- August 2014
Experienced a public affairs internship by working under the Program Department in IYC as part of McBride Practicum.
Advised IYC on the direction and activities of the Rakan Muda Premier Youth Award program.
Organized an info session about the program for the schools and organizations within the area jurisdiction of IYC to
introduce IYC as the Operating Body of the program.
Modular Vertical Aquaponic System Project at Colorado School of Mines, USA
January 2013- May 2013
Worked in a multidisciplinary team to solve a design problem faced by the client, Jovial Concept, in the Engineering
Practices Introductory Course Sequence (EPICS) class.
Designed an aquaponic system that addresses the issues of scalability, affordability, and biological diversity.
Built a professional relationship with the client, through constant communication in meetings and presentations.
Work Experience
Teaching Assistant for the Petroleum Department (Fluid Mechanics Class and Drilling Lab)
January 2015-Present
Work with professors to find efficient teaching methods to deliver informative knowledge pertinent to the course.
Help guide students in understanding the course and fulfilling course requirements through peer approach
DiggerDialer for the CSM Foundation
September 2013- December 2014
Established communications with alumnus and parents through phone calls to raise funds for CSM.
Build connections effectively with people from all walks of life with CSM as the common ground.
Attended trainings organized by the Foundation to improve communication skills.
Honors & Awards
PETRONAS scholarship
McBride Honors Enrichment Scholarship (Summer 2013)

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