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Learn to communicate

To be fluent in several languages is no longer considered a rare talent, but a necessity

to succeed and communicate in the world in which we now live. Many people believe that once
you are past childhood, learning a language is too difficult. This is not true.
Whether you want to learn English, French, Spanish or Polish there are schools and
courses geared for your needs and specifically aimed at adult learning. Adult learning is pro-
active; you are involved with the language from the beginning and encouraged to talk, whatever
your ability. There are a variety of methods available.
Total immersion involves studying for at least two weeks in the country where the
language is spoken. The aim of the immersion is to allow students to live and breathe the new
language 24 hours a day. There are also structured classes based on direct audiovisual
methods where the emphasis is on letting the language and the culture soak in. Total immersion
courses vary in length, but beginners can often achieve a high level of communication skills,
even after a short period.
A foreign language can also be learned in students’ native countries at schools which
have trained native-language speakers. Another popular methods is home-study or self-
teaching. Home-study videos, cassettes and books can all greatly improve language skills with
highly structured programmes.
Whatever your needs may be, there is a course out there for you. Unlock the key to
another county’s culture or business – it’s never been easier.

1. Why is to be fluent in several languages important?
2. What do many people believe when you are learning a language?
3. Where can you learn different languages?
4. What does pro-active mean?
5. What’s the method “total immersion” about?
6. How long do total immersion courses last?
7. Why is learning a foreign language in the native country important?
8. What are other methods?
9. Are there different courses taking into account the needs?

- Find a word or expression in the text which means the following: (1 mark)
1 directed
2 permit
3 finish successfully
4 make better