A birthday Today is Henry’s birthday. He’s having a party.

Mrs Alison, Henry’s mother, is getting everything ready for the party. She is now making cheese sandwiches and ham sandwiches. There is a big table in the middle of the sitting room where there are a lot of drinks, such as coke, orange juice, lemon juice and tomato juice. Mr Alison, Henry’s father, is not at home now. He has gone to the nearest cake shop to buy a cake with fifteen candles, 15 for Henry is fifteen years old today. At about three, the doorbell begins to ring. Henry’s friends are coming to the party. Each of his friends brings him a present. When they come into the sitting-room, they say to Henry: “Many happy returns of the day”. Then they begin to eat and drink. At about four, Mr Alison comes home with the cake. He puts it on the table, lights the candles and asks Henry to blow them out.

Questions. 1. Whose birthday is today? 2. Who is Mrs Alison? 3. What is she doing today? 4. What can we find in the big table? 5. Are there any kind of juice? 6. What’s Henry’s father surname? 7. Is he at home? 8. Where has he gone? 9. Who arrives at about three? 10. Do Henry’s friends bring presents for him? 11. What happens at about four?

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