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Julia Roberts was born on 28 October 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia. She was born into
acting as her parents ran a drama workshop in Atlanta and from an early age she
took part in performances written by her father. Despite this, when she was very
young she wanted to be a vet. In 1971, when she was four, her parents split up. The
eldest child, Eric (15) stayed with his father, while Julia and her elder sister Lisa went
back to Smyrna. Her father ended up as a vacuum cleaner salesman and her
mother as a secretary but neither of them was interested in fame and fortune.

Julia was not a particularly brilliant schoolgirl. She had not been seriously affected by
her parents separation because she had been so young. However, when she was just
eight her father died and this was a more serious blow. She got over the trauma by
concentrating on her favourite subjects at school. At high school she discovered Walt
Whitman and, through his work, her love of literature.

Julia was able to use her experience of parental death later in life during the filming of
Flatliners (1990). In that movie Julia was a young medical student who, together with
friends, plays dangerous games with near-death experiences. Her visions while
"flatlining" force the character to confront the death of her father in childhood.

1. When was Julia Robert born? And where?

2. What did she want to be as a child?

3. What happened when she was four?

4. Were her parents interested in fame?

5. Why didn’t their parents split up affect Julia?

6. When she was eight, her father died, did it affect her?

7. How did she get over the trauma?

8. What happened during the filming of “Flatliners”?

9. What role did Julia play in that film?


10. Did the film help her to confront the death of her father?