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Banks in the United Kingdom open at 9,30 a.m., and close at 3,30 p.m.
They aren’t open at weekends, but they don’t close at lunchtime. More and
more people are carrying cheque cards and credit cards nowadays. Cheque
cards have a special number. In shops, the assistants write it on the back of the
cheque. The bank will always pay cheques with a number. A credit card is
different. You can buy a lot of things with a credit card and pay only one cheque
to the credit card company, probably four or five weeks later!

1. What time do banks open in the United Kingdom?
2. Are they open at weekends?
3. Do they close at lunchtime?
4. Do cheque cards anything special? What is it?
5. What do people carry to buy things?
6. Are cheques and credit cards the same thing?
7. When may you pay the credit card company?