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Break Time Grille

Thursday, December 10, 2015
MEMBERS PRESENT: Brad Van Amberg, Chip Krieger, Darrell Davies, Mike Abernathy, Mark Schall and
Jim Kelly. Also in attendance :Gary Kohunsky, new Web Master, George Wesolowski, retiring Web
Master and Greg Romero, candidate for 2016 Board Secretary
Meeting opened at 11:06 by Mark introducing and welcoming Gary and Greg.
MINUTES: for May 20 and Oct 22 were approved as submitted.
TREASURER REPORT: Brad distributed current financials explaining the financial gifts in memory of
deceased Commissioner Phil Rose and the unspent budgeted expense for the Senior National
Tournament team. A discussion followed as to the advisability of the WSSA continuing financial support
to the teams participating in State and National Senior Games. A motion to transfer $100 of sponsor
monies from each sponsor each year to support to the general fund as a means of State and National
Games team support was unanimously approved. A motion to cap the general fund balance at $10,000
by applying overages to offset subsequent player fees, if and when necessary, was unanimously
approved. This item was covered in the agenda item covering by-law amendments. Mark requested that
sponsor contributions always go through the treasurer to ensure accountability. The 2016 budget is
currently being studied with the probability of a reduction in 2016 player dues. Brad was recognized for
the detail and expertise he has brought to the board as treasurer. Four new and replacement home
plate mats will be budgeted and purchased for use in 2016. (12/30/15 Financial Report attached to
official minutes)
CARRYOVER ITEMS: A complaint by Dwight Crainshaw regarding player assignment and some degree of
favoritism was documented by Chip and included all correspondence from Dwight. The board agreed
that in player rating and assignment, player rating and assignment may have been met with various
degrees of opinions, however, on balance the attempt to be impartial was carried out to the boards
satisfaction. Several By-law amendments were discussed and approved; Elimination of the position of
Commissioner Emeritus and the duties of that position delegated to the board president and vice
president. The general fund budget balance cap is covered above under the treasurers report. The
proposed Legacy Division was discussed with the agreement that players will be treated as all other
players in the league with respect to uniforms, umpires and board support. A list of former (potential)
players has been growing and will be sent an invitation to assist in the formation of the league. The new
player self -rating system that will be distributed in 2016 prior to team assignments, will better identify
those players that will ultimately form the division. The Legacy Division will play on adjoining fields
where possible allowing player shortages to be filled by the Coastal Division.
UMPIRES for 2016 would like to continue serving WSSA.A new contract has not been offered and a
potential price increase has not been discussed. From comments it appears our players are very satisfied
with the overall quality of performance citing only a few manageable problems.

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