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Rebirth for J. Lo, Marc
With scandal sheets about to trash their marriage, couple renew vows in Vegas, remain 'happy together'
October 14, 2008

BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist Seems the always media-savvy Jennifer Lopez had a special reason for ''spontaneously'' renewing her wedding vows with husband Marc Anthony in Las Vegas early Sunday.
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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are refuting those pesky "splitsville" rumors.

It was a surprising move, given the couple has only been hitched for four years. Yet the two superstars felt the need to reinforce the image their marriage was on the right course. Apparently Lopez heard a couple of celebrity magazines were chasing a ''splitsville'' story, and the renewal of vows seemed like a good antidote to those tales. By the way, several very good sources close to the couple laugh off those breakup rumors -- agreeing with a longtime J. Lo associate who said Monday, ''This is one couple whose marriage is just fine -- trust me. They are very happy together.'' • Anthony has claimed he and Lopez decided to renew their vows with good friends -- Mets center fielder Carlos Beltran and his wife, Jessica -- on the spur of the moment after a late-night gambling spree in Vegas. There seems to have been a bit more planning than that. Beltran had specially engraved rings at the ready Sunday -- both for him and his wife and J. Lo and her hubby. FUNNY BUSINESS: Reporters at the ''Max Payne'' press junket in Los Angeles last weekend claim Mark Wahlberg's response to the recent Andy Samberg spoof of him on ''Saturday Night Live'' progressively changed during the day. First the actor denied knowing anything about ''Mark Wahlberg Talks to the Animals.'' Then it was, ''Someone told me about it.'' Finally, Wahlberg admitted he had spied the skit on But the actor wasn't impressed. ''It wasn't like Tiny Fey doing Sarah Palin,'' Wahlberg told a couple of journalists, who claimed he's been invited to host the show ''a ton of times,'' but hasn't because he doesn't think it's been funny since Eddie Murphy was in the ensemble. Doesn't sound like the ''Max Payne'' star will be getting a call from "SNL" bossman Lorne Michaels anytime soon. ACTING UP: Before Carla Gugino heads here early next year to star in the new Goodman production of ''Desire Under the Elms'' with Pablo Schreiber, the actress will co-star with Pablo's brother Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt in ''Every Day,'' which begins filming in New York next month.

• Since Josh Brolin's next two films showcase him playing controversial characters, the actor is turning to something less topical but still edgy for his next role. Brolin looks likely to play the title character in ''Jonah Hex,'' a film based on the disfigured comic book bounty hunter. Before that, of course, he portrays President Bush in Oliver Stone's ''W'' (opening Friday) and stars in ''Milk,'' playing Dan White, the San Francisco politician who gunned down that city's gay activist and Commissioner Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. THE PERFECT GIFT: When Joe Walsh of the Eagles was in town recently, he stopped into the Chiaroscuro store at Water Tower Place. A few days later he was back -- this time with girlfriend Marjorie Bach Isaacs, sister of Barbara Bach, Ringo Starr's wife. Seems the duo found the perfect Christmas gift for Ringo at Chiaroscuro: a set of four hand-painted chairs, made in the likeness of the Beatles in ''Yellow Submarine.'' SEEN ON SCENE: Apparently Billy Zane was not in town for the marathon Sunday, but he did sip the new ''healthy'' spirit Veev as he hit both Manor and RiNo nightclubs. .. Actress and strong environmentalist Amy Smart stopped by the temporary Method pop-up store in Lincoln Park to shop for eco-friendly home care products. ... David Schwimmer dined with good buddy Billy Dec at his Rockit Bar & Grill, while down the street at the Underground, Brit rockers the Kooks partied hearty with New York bandmates from Your Vegas. ... The big market crash last week obviously didn't put a dent in jillionaire Phil Maloof's partying at Manor. He guzzled Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the rare Scotch that can retail for as much as $450 a bottle.