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SAP Plant Maintenance Training

The course has been structured into following topics:

1. Introduction to Plant Maintenance
2. Create and Assign Factory Calendar
3. Master Data in Plant Maintenance
4. Create Single Cycle Plan, Schedule and Create Notification from the Plan
in Plant Maintenance
5. Create Notifications Directly General Notification & Breakdown
6. Create Strategy, Strategy Plan and its Assignment
7. Maintenance Order - Create from Notification and its completion
8. Maintenance Order Create Directly
9. Bill of Material
10.Multiple Counter Plan
11.Create Calibrating Plan
12.Maintenance Activities for Object Parts
13.Issuance of Non-Stock items to a Maintenance Order,
14.Issuance of Stock and Serial Number Managed item to a Maintenance
15.Maintenance Order External Service Delivery
16.Create Refurbishment Order
17.Configuration in Plant Maintenance
18.Tables, Transaction Codes etc.