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Whispering Flame

Whispering Flame


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Published by April Lee Fields

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Published by: April Lee Fields on Apr 08, 2010
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time it creeps gently surrounding my efforts as i try to save face when i know my balance is improbable so quietly i speak to the

flames for they know me better than i and ask why i was given that which i was never allowed to keep it knows my boundaries lightly puffed cigarettes a small sip in unwavered mannerism though the drink is strong still we spin, in my sensitivities my face she tells a lie impressionistic disguise of her who is Stern and coping well just a smell i pray thee a scented reminder of where your skin once was how consuming the heart nowadays i avoid the collaboration of pen to paper for the truth is too naked for the day to conceal equipped with my books, vicarious journeys distracting an expressionless look though in truth i have never been so fully submerged in such unfamiliar depths where there is life then there is in due time what has been left my flame she is but a whisper spread out as the sun across the lands hair so i shall warm within her locks and pretend this is fair


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