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To:, wsj.ltrs@wsj.

October 31, 2015
Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick:
I read with disbelief Rob Copeland’s mean-spirited Wall Street Journal article, “Hedge Fund
Priest: Thou Shall Make Money” (page C1, Oct. 27, 2015). I cannot fathom why Copeland would
choose to degrade a compassionate, respected priest or why the WSJ editorial staff would
permit such malicious slander. Readers expect honesty and fairness from the WSJ and I feel
that the WSJ has an obligation to be ethical and reliable in reporting.
As a parishioner at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Keene, I have come to know Fr.
Emmanuel very well and found nothing in common with the WSJ’s inaccurate portrayal. Please
let me provide a glimpse into the priest that Copeland could have easily characterized in his
Fr. Emmanuel is gifted in his ability to be a servant of God. He is kind to all his parishioners and
provides admirable spiritual leadership. He is knowledgeable of the Bible and religion in general
and his sermons are eloquently delivered. His intelligence, congenial personality, and sense of
humor enhance his ability to respond to current issues within a Christian context and to
effectively resolve problems.
Fr. Emmanuel is generous with his time, talents, and money and formed The Lantern
Foundation, which Copeland did not bother to mention. This 501(c)(3) private foundation
provides financial support for religious, charitable, and educational purposes.
One of Fr. Emmanuel’s most salient traits is how humble he is. It is truly remarkable that he
was able to fully separate his pastoral role from his financial accomplishments and wealth. Many
of us learned of his financial accomplishments via a Google search soon after he began coming
to St. George; material aspects of his life were of no relevance or concern to parishioners. He is
modest and would graciously brush aside compliments or praise with humility. If he really did
say, “I am not humble. I wish I were,” it is because he is too humble to admit it and recognizes
himself as an imperfect human being like the rest of us.
Copeland had access to the same information that I have. Why did he ignore, distort, and
suppress all the positive contributions Fr. Emmanuel has made to this world?
I think that Copeland would make a great reporter for the National Enquirer.
Susan Karalekas
Technical Writer and Editor; Owner/Proprietor of the Bridges Inn at Whitcomb House
Editor-in-Chief of the monthly newsletter of St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Keene, NH
27 Main Street, Swanzey, NH 03446