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Matching qualifications to job ads exercise

Analyze your ad for key words. Categorize these key words in the What they want
column according to categories--skills, experiences, education, qualities & values.
Then reflect on your own skills, experiences, education, and qualities & values. How
do they match up with the key words youve identified? You probably wont be able to
fill in all the blanks in the What Ive got column, but thats okay.
What they want as
outlined in the job ad
List from most important to
least important
(i.e. hardware/software skills, writing skills, building skills,
Familiarity with a
programming platform such
as J2EE or .Net
Familiarity with programming
languages such as C++, C#
and/ or Java
Creates, documents, and
executes software designs
Programming for
products with high quality and
on time delivery
Works with general
supervision on complex
projects with latitude for
independent judgment
(i.e. jobs, internships, volunteering, co-ops, etc)
No experience required

(i.e. college, high school, seminars, workshops, etc)
Bachelors of Science:
Computer Science or related
Qualities and values
(i.e. hard working, religious, good communicator, etc.)

What Ive got


Programming concept at
USF covered Java and
Program Design covered C

3 months Internship with

Exxon Mobil
1 year project research of
Voice Over Internet Protocol
at Nanyang Polytechnic

Currently enrolled for a

Bachelor of Science:
Computer Science

You should be motivated and

have the ability to learn

Speaking Chinese fluently

within 3 months