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I ENJOY BEING A GIRL (From “FLOWER DRUM SONG”) Words by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN I Music by RICHARD RODGERS tony gg ae SS SS With my ights Administered by Chappell & Co, Inc. Interational Copy Secured AL RIGHTS RESERVED ined in the US.A Unauthorized copying sani. spn ecordng or public prirmance ian nfrgemen of cop F a Gm _ _ 7 & a . Eo Hy i pe =: = = > Se ——S c= = EF t = — iw sp up ke on 1 En joy a 7 7S | = =o ss ae ¥ rr | ress- es made of lace, + © + phone for eer = aa a7 a i Lae peo e eo ret it |} pound anda halt of ream up = on my 4 » - =! fe male fe male And my fu = ture 1 hope will jo be In the home of a brave and free male