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B mansreeam Clamour for details of anti-graft move Amendment could expose companiesin Malaysia to legal liability EMPLOYERS and lawyers have ‘evinced a mined Fesponse (0 the {govemments move {punish company Tanagement that fet putin pace dequate enteeoe upton measures. anise ote Bie ii’ Deparment Da Pal Low announce In December the government would In March able en amendment tothe alga Ant Comper Commision (HACC) Aste ieoduce te Coporte abi Poin "The amendment could expose com- panies legality, gente KPMG ‘rau, Bribery and Corupton Survey 2013 found teen ve companies a Malaysia do not have adequate proce {zeta combat ibe nc ‘n eddion, mest half he survey exponents reported they hed scene complains etbery and/or eoruption ‘nthetronpnsstions| (Goverment agencies ar sald be ‘ousting industry leaders about the Sroedmeet the ertormake pu ‘hela. low fice declined to comment, saying deals acl being finale "Nevertheless, Peformance Nan agent and iver Un (enands) ‘Ricias tell Focue the proposed prorision s modoled after he Unted Eingdantsibery Ace which i bik the Barden of proof to companies to Sent ours they have inpemented tent ant compton proces, what's the penalty? Josh Ty, erimina aye rom Bon [Advoraten sys it is eu asses ‘helopa callngeofimplementing be Comore sbi Peovsion a Malays ‘without sees tothe cel dre Bl "youl companesbe peo it ne? Or would company dieters be lable tobeimprisoned” Tay aks “esddslewoubenffornon-- cute decors tobe lable a they do totpardspae nthe management nd ‘ayto-dey operators fs company thay Gacourage nda king Uparecorshipe ssa. Iie Malan provision stays tue twits Uccounepar though compares ‘would be lable to unlimited fine In he ‘nthe fat impementant-bbery ‘emer in aceodance th guidlines ‘ote published bythe government. "Wheto acl busieser ae wing ‘wapenyadowedgs corpo nthe pte secoy the KPMG 2013 survey founda whopping 71% ofrxpondens beled bribery and coruption san Ievible cos of dmg business while Gis balleved business cant be dove a alsa without paying bebe _seadles hae found bribery anor ruption addttbe conf dingbasiness Sl dicoarage Insane ompteto oer higher bribes tosecue en rather han improving het prod “ Reommitent > gre espa fncy and antiga measures ean be financial bene to ogunbtons For eimple the Seangor Stat Deve ‘pment Corp (PENS) has saved an ‘Simated rates ily impronng te {ender procedures Promoting honesty 4s suc, the Malysian Employers deat (MEF) ful supports gor trament’s moveto ead corporate "ifs important for employers to be fully eware ofthe legal equemenss tnd to have adoguate provisions "9 “scourge employes trmcoron” ye ME seceary Dek Shamsadain Bergan. ‘Nevertheless, Shamsuddin adds, she government should be fale i Sneerupion campaign. “The bro ‘hon i applcse only fo the pve ‘eto and ot tothe publ sector To ‘eta the pu seca employer, that ‘the government shoud beheld he ‘Sime standard he argues. ‘Shaman nce that apart from toga tab, private sector employers ‘rtanagerent sould be may ced {orbiter and corupton In compat Son, the ube service spereeved tobe flow actagnnst erat cl sera MNCs embroiledin corruption scandals ALCATEL ans alsor ara among the ‘uate exes NCS red {oregn auerostor bare eaves n ‘ruptbusres pactces NSO ‘one yea le Lucent SA ait in 200 ‘hattroedgermerttieal, rel. gin eye, aan cosa is 7d ereuras what agreed 27 USS17 miganeazmt osesecraiat ow ‘gatinnetpaonsine Us acooraO ‘fea tet oral ‘Te US bepertner of ice fund Seer Is ro proce ieee ao na Only one civil servant has been sacked out of 85 fod gully of ne Iigence, the abuse of power, ud fo misdemeanout tn disiplinry rocadares inated tn 201, te Cet ‘terete othe Government Tan sel aman eealedin November “Sere shoulda’ be two standards foe the publ and private sectors sys ‘Shamsudai, adding that the MEP Ten yea ased this coneern withthe ferment “Anater bone ofcontenion riseby ‘he MEFIs thatthe Corporate aby Provision tits the ona of proof tO tate acts a verre cooary in Nol mas ates 1 mproce paren roentgen ers Broa ereoyeastgathsduomaton nubile ole. ‘Ansan ser ct hd n 2019 ‘tk agus nana Rage ‘Divoyea plana mrzsono Met tay. 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