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NAME ______________________ GR.A

1. Complete the questions with is/are, do/does, has/have.

1. ___________ they both come from Barcelona? No, they dont.
2. ___________ Maria got any new friends in London? - Yes, she has.
3. ___________ Jack English?
4. Where __________ he live?
5. ___________ they got any plans for tonight?- No, they havent.

Points 5/_

2.Complete the nationality

Mexico ____________
Britain- ___________

Spain _____________

Macedonia- ____________


3. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple and the Present
Continuous Tense.
1. My family always _____________ (visit) my grandparents during the weekend.
2. Mark ________________ (not/ talk) on the phone at the moment.
3. I often _______ (do) the dishes when my mum is not at home.
4. ______________(you/ writing) an email now?
5. James __________ (not/ play ) basketball every day.

Points 5/_

4. Complete the sentences with the Past Continuous and the Past Simple.
1. My mum _____________ ( not/ go) to work yesterday, she was ill.
2. Mike _______________ (listen) to music, when his sister ____________ (fall) on the
3. What _________________ (you, do) when Alisa _______ (call) to tell the news?

4. ____________________ (he/ come) with you at the cinema yesterday night?

5. It__________(rain) when I ___________(get up) this morning.
Points 10/_

5. Complete the sentences with the missing form of the comparative and superlative
of the adjectives.
1. These trainers are ________ (expensive) than my old ones.
2. This was ________ (bad) holiday ever!
3. I think the trip to Madrid is __________ (good) alternative than to stay at home.
4. Jack is _______ (tall) than James. James is short.
5. This test is ___________(easy) thing to do! :D

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Points:28/________Grade ___________