Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati opens its door to the high school students all over India during its annual techno-management festival Techniche'10 with TECHNOTHLON- The International School Championship. We say with extreme pride that we are the only IIT that conducts an event of this magnitude for the school going students of grade 9-12 !! Technothlon has become an alias for an event which brings out the hidden technocrat within every student who participates in it. It serves as an able platform to expose the innovation and creativity of a student in all its rawness. With events ranging from Robotics to constructing structures to being a technical detective etc, we ensure that each and every aspect of the competitor's mind is tested to the extreme. Also the electrifying atmosphere of one of the nation's biggest technical festival - TECHNICHE, adds to the glamour of the event !!

Nationwide prelims will be conducted on 18th July 2010, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, in about 65 cities spanning India and online for overseas participants. Based on the performance of the teams in this examination, the top teams of each module will be short listed and invited to participate in Technothlon Mains to be held in IIT Guwahati. Each team will be a given a separate question paper, which has to be completed by them in the examination hall. The two modules will have different sets of question papers. The objective of the paper is to test the aptitude and analytical skills of the students. No Prior preparation is required to take the preliminary examination. Use your Brain to guide you through it. The results of the prelims will be declared on or before 7th august and the selected teams will be informed by phone and email. The top 250 teams of each module will be awarded with merit certificates.

Technothlon is organised in 2 modules:
1. 2. JUNIOR SQUAD comprising of class 9-10 students HAUTS SQUAD comprising of class 11-12 students

Each team comprises of exactly 2 members. The members should be from the same school and same squad. Both the prelims and the mains event will be conducted for a team. Individual entries are not permitted

Technothlon -2010 - 1

Prakash’s EDUCARE
Class 9 and 10 of the next academic session (present class 8 and 9) will have to register under the Junior squad and the students of class 11 and 12 (present class 10 and 11) will have to register under the Hauts squad. The team has to consist of 2 members of the same school and same squad (though a student of class 9 and another of class 10 may pair up as a Junior squad team, same applies for Hauts).

Technothlon'10 List of Centres
North New Delhi Kanpur Lucknow Shimla Varanasi Kullu Faizabad Chandigarh Allahabad Patiyala Dehradun West Jaipur Sikkar Ajmer Baroda Gandhinagar Surat Pune Mumbai Amravati Nagpur Nasik Kota Bharatpur Udaipur Jhunjunu East and North East Guwahati Dibrugarh Jorhat Duliajan Nagaon Diphu Manipur Tezpur Itanagar Patna Katihar Aurangabad Ranchi Jamshedpur Bokaro Hazaribagh Ramgarh South Hyderabad Chennai Bangalore Vizag Ongole Nizambad Vijayawada Nellore Cochin Warangal Central Indore Bhopal Gwalior Raipur International Kathmandu

Technothlon'10 Events

Scotland Yard Spruce up your grey cells. Feel the thrill of the mysteries unravelling before your own eyes. Experience the sanguinariness of the crime scene. Live the life of a detective. 2. Roborage Transformers, iRobot, Terminator - what sounds common in all these flicks ? Robots - the fascination of all teenagers. So here we present you a chance to fulfill your fascination. Get a hands on experience to build a robot from scratch.


Bits 'n' Bytes Connecting ... ERROR !! HANG !! argh ! Does it ring a bell ? Well ofcourse- Computers! This event will test your wits on a virtual platform, where a single click may decide your fate. Note: Only basic knowledge of computers is required

Technothlon -2010 - 2

Prakash’s EDUCARE

Bob the Builder Be a craftsmen, explore your creative side. Build something from scratch to see it evolve into a magnificent structure. Improvise your design in this time limited event and test your pragmatism.


Prototype NO !! You don't need to impress us with SOLAR POWERED CAR or something out of the box. All we are expecting is something simple yet innovative, based on the themes provided. No blueprints, no theories only working models allowed.


Firecell Need For Speed - Carbon, Counter - Strike, FIFA - these have two things in common FUN and COMPUTERS. This event will require you to compete virtually with all the same FUN sans gaming. Note: Only basic knowledge of computers is required

Final Showdown
After 3 days of exhilarating and mind-boggling events, it all boils down to the battle for the ultimate glory - the final showndown. Toil hard to find a place in the best 5 teams of the country. It is a event consisting of .... hush ... shhh ... SURPRISE ! :-)

Registration fee is Rs 50 per team. Schools registering their teams can pay the collected amount via DD to our city representatives. Teams registering independently through Individual Team Registration form will have to pay the amount at the test centre on the day of examination itself. Please read the Team Format guidelines before proceeding to register. Important: Students who will be in class 9th or 10th by next academic session starting in 2010 fall under Junior Squad, similarly students who will be in class 11th or 12th by the next academic session fall under Hauts squad. Schools who want to register their teams online, follow this link Online registration for School Individual Team registration follow the link Online registration Note: Individual participation is not allowed. A team must consists of two members.

Technothlon -2010 - 3


E-mail North

For General Queries mail to or discuss it at our Forum For more frequent updates you can follow our tweets at Mohit Patni 09678554901 09833402935


Niketh Sabbineni 09957888138 09703223890

Gaurav Shobhane 09678554892 09864115581

East & Central
Kunal Umbarkar 09678554910 09730890755

Siddharth Mukherjee 09957888075 09415425070

Arjun M 09650589818 09957888075

Snail Mail
Gaurav Shobhane, Room no. B3-218, Kameng Hostel, IIT Guwahati, North Guwahati, Assam-781039, India. Gaurav Shobhane Chief Orgainser Technothlon 2010 Contact No: 09864115581 Email-id:

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