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Khi mi va hc ting Anh, bn lun nh cu trc Tnh t + Danh t miu t s vt. Tuy
nhin, nu bn cn s dng nhiu hn 1 tnh t miu t mt s vt, hin tng th sao?
TOPICA NATIVE s mch bn mt s mo nh sau y nh!
Quy tc 1
Khi dng t 2 tnh t tr ln miu t cho mt danh t, nu cc tnh t cng loi th ta phn
cch chng bng du phy, cn nu khc loi th ta xp chng cnh nhau.
V d:
1. A rigorous, thorough and thoughtful process: Mt quy trnh nghim ngt, ton din v k cng
2. A beautiful old Indian lamp: Mt chic n n c tuyt p
Quy tc 2
Trt t cc tnh t c quy nh theo th t sau:
Opinion Size Age Shape Color Origin Material Purpose
Opinion and general description: kin hoc miu t chung
V d: nice, awesome, lovely
Dimension / Size / Weight: Kch c, cn nng
V d: big, small, heavy
Age: Tui, nin k
V d: old, new, young, ancient .
Shape: Hnh dng
V d: round, square, oval .
Color: Mu sc
V d: green, red, blue, black
Country of origin: Xut x
V d: Swiss, Italian, English.
Material: Cht liu
V d: woolly, cotton, plastic .
Purpose and power: Cng dng
V d: walking (socks), tennis (racquet), electric (iron)