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Khi ch v tr, under c dng m t mt vt v tr thp hn v b mt vt khc che ph:

I hid the key under a rock. (Ti giu chic cha kho di mt hn ).

Officials said there was nothing under President Bushs jacket. (Cc quan chc ni rng khng
c g bn trong o khoc ca tng thng Bush).

Under cn c ngha l tr hn, cha y, cha n:

Youngsters under the age of eighteen are not allowed to see this type of films. (Thanh thiu nin
di 18 tui khng c php xem loi phim ny).

All items are under a pound. (Tt c cc mt hng u c gi di mt bng).

Under cn xut hin trong mt s cm t c nh din t mt hnh ng ang din ra khi c mt vic
khc chen vo, iu kin xy ra hay vic b iu g hay ai chi phi:
under construction: ang c xy dng

under attack: ang b tn cng

under arrest: ang b bt gi

under these conditions:trong nhng iu kin ny

under consideration: ang c xem xt

under pressure: di p lc/ sc p

under the Ceausescu regime: di thi Ceausescu

2. Below
Khi ch v tr below c dng ch bn di nhng khng phi l ngay bn di mt vt v tip xc

vi vt . N ch din t ngha rng s vt c cp n khong khng gian bn di m thi:

From the top of the skyscrapers the cars below us looked like small ants. (Trn nc ca to nh chc tri
nhn xung nhng chic t bn di trng ging nh nhng ch kin nh).
The authors name was printed below the title of book. (Tn tc gi c in bn di tiu cun
Bn cnh below cn mang mt ngha tng t under l tr hn, cha n, di mc:

Children below the age of ten can travel at half price on the bus. (Tr em di mi tui c th
c gim na gi v khi i xe but).

His marks in English have been below average for sometime now. (im s mn ting Anh ca
cu ta do ny ton di trung bnh).

Their living standard is below poverty line. (Mc sng ca h di mc ngho kh).

Khi ch v tr theo mt thang o nht nh ngi Anh dng below:

The temperature has fallen eight degrees below zero. (Nhit gim xung m 8 ).

Her IQ is below 80. (Ch s IQ ca c ta di 80).

This machine is only able to receive radio waves below 22 kHz. (My ny ch c th nhn c
sng ra-i- di 22 kHz).