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Trong thi gian va qua, nhm ging vin Global Education nhn c rt nhiu th ca cc hc vin

mong mun c gii p cch phn bit mt s cm t gy nhm ln. Bi vit di y phn bit s
khc nhau ca 10 cp t m ngi hc ting Anh hay nhm ln, c tng hp t cu hi ca cc hc

Trc ht, phn bit c cc cp t, bn phi bit r t thuc loi t no (danh t, ng t, tnh
t, gii t). V bn cng nn nh rng mt t th c th gi nhiu chc nng trong cu.
1. Bring / Take
phn bit s khc nhau gia bring v take th bn nn da vo hnh ng c thc hin so vi v tr
ca ngi ni.
Bring ngha l "to carry to a nearer place from a more distant one." (mang mt vt, ngi t mt
khong cch xa n gn ngi ni hn)
Take th tri li "to carry to a more distant place from a nearer one." (mang mt vt, ngi t v tr
gn ngi ni ra xa pha ngi ni.)
Mi cc bn phn bit qua nhng v d ng v sai sau y:
Incorrect: Bring this package to the post office.
Correct: Take this package to the post office. (em gi hng ny n bu in nh!)
Incorrect: I am still waiting for you. Dont forget to take my book.
Correct: I am still waiting for you. Dont forget to bring my book.(Mnh vn ang i cu y. ng
qun mang sch n cho mnh nh!)
2. As / Like
Khi mang ngha l ging nh, nh, like v as gy khng t bi ri cho ngi hc. Quy tc d nh nht l
chng ta hay dng like nh l mt gii t ch khng phi l lin t. Khi likec dng nh gii t, th
khng c ng t i sau like. Nu c ng t th chng ta phi dng as if. Lin t as nn dng gii

thiu mt mnh . Hy xem nhng v d ng v sai sau:

Incorrect: It sounds like he is speaking Spanish.
Correct: It sounds as if he is speaking Spanish. (Nghe c v nh anh ta ang ni ting Ty Ban
Incorrect: John looks as his father.
Correct: John looks like his father. (Anh ta ging b anh ta lm)
Incorrect: You play the game like you practice.
Correct: You play the game as you practice. (Cu chi trn ny ht nh cu thc hnh n vy)
3. Among / Between
Chng ta dng between ni ai hoc vt g gia 2 ngi, vt, v among trong trng
gia hn 2 ngi, vt.
Incorrect: The money will be divided between Sam, Bill, and Ted.
Correct: The money will be divided among Sam, Bill, and Ted. (Tin s c chia cho Sam, Bill v

Incorrect: The final decision is among you and me.

- Bi hc dnh cho download

Correct: The final decision is between you and me.(Quyt nh

- Kim tra u vo

cui cng l anh v ti.)

- Lm th no hc tt ting Anh




Chng ta dng farther khi ni n khong cch c th o c c v mt a l, trong khi

further dng trong nhng tnh hung khng th o c c.

V d:

It is farther when I go this road. (Mnh i ng ny th s xa hn.)

I dont want to discuss it any further. (Mnh khng mun bn v n su hn.)

You read further in the book for more details. ( bit thm chi tit th cc em c thm
trong sch.)

5. Lay / lie?
Lay c nhiu ngha nhng ngha ph bin l tng ng vi cm t: put something down(t,
ci g xung).
V d:

Lay your book on the table. Wash the dishes. Come on! (Hy t sch ln trn bn. i ra
bt. Mau ln no!)

Ngha khc ca Lay l produce eggs: trng

V d:

Thousands of turtles drag themselves onto the beach and lay their eggs in the sand.(Hng
ngn con ra ko nhau ln bi bin v trng trn ct.)

Lie: ngha l nm
V d:

lie in bed (nm trn ging)

lay down on the couch. (Nm trn gh di)

lie on a beach (Nm trn bi bin)

Lie cn c ngha l speak falsely: ni di

V d:

I suspect he lies about his age. (Ti nghi ng l anh ta ni di v tui ca anh ta.)

L do m ngi hc ting Anh hay nhm ln gia lay v lie l bi dng qu kh v qu kh phn t
ca chng kh ging nhau.

ng t

Qu kh

Qu kh phn t

















ni di