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Test paper
1. Read the following test and then answer the questions:


Every year countries from around Europe enter the Eurovision Song Contest. People from all
over the continent watch the event on their televisions or listen to it on the radio. Its a fantastic break for
a singer to represent their country in this competition and have the opportunity to be heard and seen all
over Europe. The way to fame and fortune!
To be selected they obviously not only have to sound good but also look good. Singers will tell
you they have to work hard to get such a break. And on top of that they must have the determination and
dedication necessary to cope with the stress of being in the public eye.
When you watch the Eurovision Song Contest dont forget that the singer is only a small part of
the process. There are many other people involved and most of those people work behind the scenes.
a. Who watches the event or listens to it on the radio?

b. What must the singers have in order to be selected for the competition?

c. What must the singers have in order to cope with the stress of being popular?

d. Where do the other people involved in the Eurovision Song Contest work?

e. On which continent does the Eurovision Song Contest take place?

2. Put the following sentences into the passive voice. Provide two possibilities for each of them.
a. They offered the job to Simon.

b. She had given the chocolate to him.

c. I sent the email to John.

d. We have given Peter the car.

e. They are showing Barbara the new models.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets:


My family always avoids (talk) ______________ about politics or religion.

I dont mind (lend) ___________ money to my friends.
My father taught me (drive) ___________.
I would rather do something active than waste my time (watch) ____________ TV.
I hope (start) ___________ my karate lessons soon!
Dont keep on (talk) _____________ about it. Its upsetting me.
Its very nice here but I miss (see) _____________ my friends.
The doctor told me (stay) _______________ in bed but its so boring.
Its no good (ask) _____________ him. He doesnt know the answer.
She has promised (deliver) _____________ the presents today.

Rewrite each sentence, using the correct form of the word in brackets. Do not change the
a. It is necessary to learn for the test. (have to)
You ____________________________________
b. It is impossible for me to join you. (can)
I _________________________________________________________.
c. It is a good idea to work harder. (should)
You ___________________________________________________________.
d. It is wrong to fight. (must)
You ___________________________________________________________.
e. You can leave at 8. (have to)
You ___________________________________________________________.
f. Its possible you are right. (could)
You ___________________________________________________________.
g. It wasnt necessary to come at the festival. (have to)
You ___________________________________________________________.
h. It is important to do lots of exercise. (should)
You ___________________________________________________________.
i. It is necessary to go to school every day. (must)
You ___________________________________________________________.
j. It is a bad idea to smoke. (should)
You ___________________________________________________________.
5. Circle the correct form:


1. They have been repairing/They have repaired the road all this week but they havent finished
2. I am very sorry, but I have been breaking/I have broken this chair.
3. Whats the matter? Have you been losing/Have you lost something?

4. Sally has been saving/has saved nearly two thousand pounds so far this year.
5. Someone has been eating/has eaten my chocolates. There arent many left.

6. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous:
1. We __________________________ (try) to convince you for two hours now.
2. I _____________________________ (already/see) that movie.
3. He ____________________________ (not/finish) yet.
4. They ___________________________ (work) together since December.
5. Your father _______________________ (work) on this project for two months.
6. I cannot get into my own house. I ________________________(lose) my keys.
7. I want to talk to John. Sorry, you cant. He __________________________ for two hours.
8. I ____________________________ (walk) all morning.
9. We ___________________________ (always/try) to keep it a secret.
10. _____________________________ (you/hear) anything about Jane lately?

7. Write a composition about your favourite band/artist. You should mention the name, type of
music, how many members there are, why it is your favourite band/artist, favourite song(s). (1520 lines)

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