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• I am from Honduras my department

is Olancho is more bigger mi name’s
community is La Union is very
beautiful there are National Park, is
the center of Honduras is very visit
for many people of different
countries and continents.
• I am older than my brother and my
Country information
• Honduras is the second country more
bigger of Centro America is known the
heart of Centro America there are many
protégé areas.
• Honduras exported products as coffee,
banana, wood, beans, sugar, cotton, sea
• Honduras is a country multicultural have
eight group etnicos: Garifunas, pech,
tawahka, chortis, lencas,
misquitos,tolupan,sumos There are
different dances for example dances
Personal interests

• I like read different books

• I like another people
• I like to sing
Cass selection

• In think because I always to do

volunteer work .
• And I like learn about how protégé
the enviroment.
Computer skills
• I known manage little microsoft
word, excel ,power point, and also I
know about graphic draw, I use a
internet, a little about use the

• I want to learn how use power point

very well, more about keyboard, and
Microsoft office publisher and picture
Career Goal

• I want to work for protégé the

environment first of my community
and to looking for help another place.

• And also I want to follow studing for

to learn