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School of Legal Studies, CUSAT, Kochi-22

LL.B. (3 Year) 2013-16 Batch, Semester VI

Moot Court for this semester will consist of two rounds.
1st person in each team will have to submit for the Petitioner/
Appellant and the 2nd person will have to submit for the
Respondent in the 1st round. In the 2nd round, the 1st person
will have to submit for the Respondent and the 2 nd person for
the Petitioner/ Appellant.
All students are to be ready for presentation on the days
shown in column 4 without any fault. In case any team is not
ready on the date specified, the members shall make
arrangements for another team so that the Moot Court will
be completed within the stipulated time. Teams/ members
who are not ready on the date mentioned/ not making
alternate arrangements will lose their chance.
No adjournment will be granted.
Each participant of a team will be valued separately. Marks
for the Moot Court will be the average of the marks scored in
two rounds.
Each team shall hand over 2 copies of the decision at least 3
days in advance of their presentation to the teacher in
charge/ office.
All students shall be present on all days of Moot Court.
Court visits and Chamber visits will be monitored strictly.
Chamber visits shall be done without any interference to the

regular classes.
Students shall keep a Diary recording the works done by
them in Courts and Chambers and shall produce it on all
Tuesdays without fail.